Swimming Pool: Do You Have All The Essential Accessories?

After a year of work and the arrival of sunny days, the desire to take a vacation and relax by the pool only becomes more pressing!

What a joy, for those who are lucky enough to have one to take full advantage of it during this summer period. 

But before you lie down on your deckchair or bath towel, are you sure that your swimming pool is well equipped to make the most of it? Do you have all the essential swimming pool accessories ?

Here is our overview of the essentials for swimming pools!

Accessories for rest

The swimming pool, for most of us, is a place we love to relax and unwind during the holidays.

In order to sunbathe comfortably , it is better to abandon plastic deckchairs which are not suitable for your back and opt for more natural and noble materials such as teak if your means allow it, or aluminum . Both kinds are available in most supermarkets such as Conforama or Castorama. For information, teak deckchairs cost on average €250 while you can find aluminum deckchairs sold in pairs for around €170. It’s not cheap, but if you plan to stay several hours sunbathing or listening to music it is better for your comfort and well-being to be well installed. For those who wish to read a book, it is advisable to opt for a deckchair with a modular backrest which facilitates reading and also discussions with friends.

Consider adding cushions or a mattress to be completely comfortable and not get back pain during your lazy day!

Accessories for having fun

It’s nice to lounge in front of the pool and swim a few laps to cool off. It’s even better if you have accessories to have fun with children or friends. 

Without ruining yourself financially, you will find all kinds of them in hard discount stores . For example, the Action catalog currently offers air mattresses for one person at €5.69 and €9.48 for two. Ah, what could be better than letting yourself be lulled by the water with your sweetheart by your side!

You can also opt for the two-seater inflatable chair for an aperitif before lunch or at the end of the afternoon, sold for €11.99 in the Auchan catalog .

Don’t forget the essential inflatable balls for playing impromptu games of volleyball or water polo.

If we missed any others, please let us know!

Accessories to protect yourself from the sun

Tanning is good, but be careful to protect yourself and create shaded areas around the pool, especially for the little ones. The sun is vital for morale and the production of vitamin D, however prolonged exposure can present risks: sunburn, allergies, skin cancer, etc. The government has published a booklet which gives all the information to protect yourself effectively,

So remember to install parasols near the deckchairs. You will find good ones, which do not blow away at the first gust of wind, in the Leroy Merlin catalog from €99 . 

You can also opt for an easy-to-assemble pergola or arbor. Brico Dépôt offers a first price of €89 (3 x 3 m) which may do the trick. 

By accessorizing your swimming pool, without spending astronomical sums, you will have a great summer between relaxation and fun activities. If you also have a barbecue to make beautiful grills then the holidays will be royal!

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