What Are The 3 Problems That Freelancers Often Face?

There is nothing more interesting than becoming professionally independent through the freelance profession . Not only are we no longer dependent on a hierarchy, but we also have the possibility of choosing the projects on which to work. Being a freelancer therefore allows for great freedom. However, this involves a certain number of constraints that you must be aware of if you do not want this great adventure to turn into a nightmare. We outline them for you in this article while giving you some advice to overcome them .

Difficulties finding customers

You may have difficulty finding clients, especially when you are just starting out . It’s normal ! Until you have your proof yet, people will have a hard time trusting you. You will therefore have to land your first service before the machine starts. To achieve this, the first thing to do is to update all your CVs online .
Make registrations on all job platforms that have a freelance section or on sites exclusively dedicated to freelancers. Subscribe to professional social networks like Viadeo, LinkedIn or Twitter . You can also create a website on which you will present your specialties and your different references. You must learn to sell yourself well even though you are not necessarily a salesperson. To do this, read books and participate in programs that can help you promote your offers .

Definition of the price of its services

When you decide to operate as a Freelancer, the main problem you face is the price  : how much should I charge for my services? This is a crucial question that must be answered if you want to make a good living from your activity. So, to properly set your freelance TJM , you must first find out about the different rates charged in your area of ​​expertise . Ask professionals more experienced than you. You can also use a salary simulator.

Be aware that if your pricing is too low, it can devalue your skills. For example, clients may think that you lack experience or references. Don’t forget to always work on your added value to refine your scale .

Unable to work at home

Generally, freelancing is like working from home. But with children, housework… it can be difficult to concentrate on doing works of the mind. For many freelancers, this can become a real ordeal. Added to all this is the fact that you work alone and benefit from great freedom. As a result, you can easily let go of procrastination. We give you practical advice to combat this problem:

  • You must define a certain regularity in your work . Use a diary to better organize your days and stick to it.
  • During your work sessions, separate yourself from all distractions ( internet games , telephone, emails, television, etc.).
  • Don’t work all the time. It is advisable to take breaks from time to time . This will allow you to reinvigorate and get started again.
  • Set up a work room especially for you and lock yourself in it. You could thus avoid the whims of children and others.

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