Which Fishing Boat To Choose?

How to access the best spots on a lake or river when fishing? For this, you need a boat adapted to the environment. Note that there is a wide range of them, whether alone or with others, in fresh water or sea water. This can range from a simple float tube to a helmsman, including a classic boat. There is something for all tastes, of all sizes and for all needs. Do you want to know which is the best boat to allow you to indulge in your passion? Here are some recommendations.

What are the different fishing boats?

There are a wide variety of fishing boats on the market, it all depends on the style you want and what you are going to do with them. Here are a few.

The bark

This is the classic fishing rack. It is a small boat of 6 to 7 meters maximum. Decked or not, with or without a mast, it works with oars, oars or a motor. Sidelined after the arrival of float tubes and kayaks, the boat is currently returning to the forefront for fishing on lakes and rivers, alone or with others.

The float tube

Currently very popular, especially for predator fishing, the float tube offers many advantages. It is a fishing boat in the form of a floating seat, capable of supporting a fisherman with his rod and accessories (float, lures, etc.). It is available in several sizes and shapes (O, V, U) and is sold at a very competitive price. It is possible to find, on sites specializing in fishing equipment , high-end float tube models for around €700, while entry-level boats start at €100.

The kayak

This type of boat competes with conventional fishing boats. The kayak is a small boat steered by a two-bladed paddle. It can be decked and comes in several models such as Sit-on-top, rigid fishing kayaks or inflatable kayaks. Whether at sea or in fresh water, it offers unparalleled comfort. However, bring a vest for your safety.

The helmsman

It is one of the ideal sea fishing boats for a day trip. Very secure, this boat has a pilot cabin to shelter you from the sun, wind and rain, as well as to store your equipment. The helmsman is an inboard motorized boat with a length of 6 to 10 meters.

The semi-rigid boat

Are you looking for the perfect boat for sea fishing? The semi-rigid will not disappoint you. Durable, affordable, tailor-made and easy to maintain, this outboard motorized fishing boat allows you to go anywhere thanks to its shallow draft. It is mainly dedicated to athletes and must be used in calm weather, because it does not have protection.

The open hull

Fast and comfortable, the open hull is a sea fishing boat with an inboard or outboard engine. This is a very good compromise between the semi-rigid and the helmsman. It provides effective protection from rain or sun, while allowing freedom of movement. Its considerable freeboard height is very reassuring, especially if you are new to this activity. In addition, if you want to take your family on a coastal cruise, the open hull will give you complete satisfaction.

How to choose the right fishing boat?

Do you like fishing? Please note that purchasing the boat is an essential step. Choosing a fishing boat should not be made lightly, because it will be your best companion when you indulge in your passion. To avoid making a mistake, here are some criteria to take into consideration.

Use of the boat

The choice of fishing boat must be made according to the fishing carried out, that is to say fishing at sea, in fresh water or coastal . To practice sea fishing safely, opt for small motorized boats, such as the helmsman or the open hull. Kayaking is also an option. For navigation on lakes and rivers, the choice is vast among those proposed above.

The price of the boat

The purchase of a fishing boat depends mainly on its price. Always opt for the one that offers you good value for money. If you fish irregularly, opt for a sturdy, reliable, but low-maintenance stand. On the other hand, if you fish regularly , choose a boat that is suitable for all types of fishing to optimize your investment.


Nothing better than a comfortable boat for fishing in complete peace of mind. A fishing boat is more pleasant compared to a kayak or a float tube. You can shelter there, eat or even take a nap. If you fish alone and are not afraid of getting wet, you will have the space you need in an inflatable.

Utilisation facility

Opt for a boat that is easy to maneuver and handle so you can fully enjoy your activity. Launching a boat is not always easy, because it requires a berth or a suitable trailer, unlike a float tube, a kayak or a boat.

Transporting the boat

This is also an important point to make. If you want a fishing rack that you can take anywhere, the float tube and inflatable kayak are easily transportable in a dedicated travel bag. The light boat is also a good alternative.

The interview

A motorboat is complex in terms of maintenance due to mechanical propulsion. If you attach importance to this criterion, remember to keep this in mind.


If you are going to fish at sea or on the coast, you need a sturdy boat . If you opt for a fishing boat, choose one made of aluminum or polyethylene which are very resistant materials. A PVC fabric float tube is also both robust and stable.

The discretion of the boat

While motorized fishing boats allow you to move away from the coast and take on more equipment, note that they are not very discreet. Unlike them, kayaks, float tubes and small boats move silently. You can then easily surprise the fish without them being alerted by the noise of the engine or propellers.

Many fishermen dream of owning their own boat to fully live their passion and sail to the best fishing sites. But before embarking on this acquisition, it is always important to know your needs well in order to make the right choice and not focus only on the price.

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