Rope belts for women, a bohemian accessory for a casual look

They are establishing themselves as the new trendy accessory: rope belts for women are currently all the rage with fashionistas looking to prepare for the arrival of summer. A natural material, the braided rope is colored in different shades and brings a bohemian touch to the most sober outfits. Hugging the waist or hips, these original belts twist feminine silhouettes to give them a relaxed look. Focus on this essential to adopt urgently to be in the game!

Natural materials for a more authentic style

We give it to you in a thousand words, if rope belts for women are so popular these days, it is first and foremost because they are minimally processed products . Hemp, cotton, jute… these braided plant fibers allow you to dress in a modern way, that is to say with greater respect for the environment. And unlike leather or imitation belts, which are too classic, the rope gives off a feeling of freedom.

Of course, this “handmade” effect goes wonderfully with romantic or ethnic outfits . This is evidenced by the long, flowing dresses worn on the catwalks this season. To do this, you will find a large selection of women’s belts on the Galeries Layafette website or on that of any other clothing e-commerce reference. Special mention for the large mesh models, reminiscent of fishermen’s nets. Tied on an immaculate shirt dress, they add a delicious retro touch.

Play with colors to support your casual style

The charming asset of these rope belts for women : the diversity of their colors, from the traditional ecru to sea green, coral or royal blue. Whether they feature a lovely gradient or cheerfully mix colors, these belts are real boosters for outfits. We dare to make bold combinations: orange rope on a Klein blue dress, anise green on iced brown…

The most daring don’t hesitate to coordinate a belt that knows how to bend with their lipstick or their nail polish for an ultra graphic style. The same goes for prints: colorful stripes, ethnic or liberty patterns bring fantasy to the strictest silhouettes. Who said that having a casual look necessarily means sacrificing any notion of elegance?

Rope belts for women: the ideal accessory to play with your figure

Moreover, you can play with this accessory in various ways, in order to give different images of your silhouette . Tied over a wrap dress or slipped over high-waisted pants, the rope belt is alternately a functional or decorative accessory. This is all the pleasure we experience in acquiring this essential: the possibilities for accessorizing it are endless. Aisin, you can rely on a large bow tie in the back, Japanese obi style, to refine an H silhouette.

But you can also tie the belt several times on the hips to highlight the waist on a slightly loose shirt dress, which will reveal your magnificent tribal tattoos , if applicable! Finally, it is possible to dare to add an extra waistline for a guaranteed bohemian effect . With their raw materials and vibrant colors, rope belts promise us a summer marked by simple and unifying values. Ready to succumb?

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