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Online Business Degree Florida the most promising sectors of activity

If you are thinking of immigrating to Florida and working in the USA you will need a visa and to do this, certainly create or acquire a profitable online business, that is to say above all finding the right idea, one that will quickly allow you to earn money. Opening or buying an online business with diplomas and associated skills is good, but going into business in a growing sector in Florida is even better!

Immigrate and work in Florida: the most promising sectors of activity

What are the most promising sectors of activity for 2020? Experts around the world all agree on the potential of the following professional niches :

Smart mobility: ecological and intelligent transport

A foldable electric bike that you can put in the trunk of your car, and connected to an application that allows you to choose the best mode of transport at any time or at each step. This is a new concept from Ford that perfectly illustrates our society’s evolution towards intelligent mobility. Travel modes now take into account a wide range of motivations and factors: respect for ecology, alternative transport (carpooling, car-sharing), geolocation, etc.

Logistics 2.0: online sales (e-commerce) are exploding!

The explosion of e-commerce is very real. Indeed, online e-commerce sales were more than 1.6 trillion US dollars in 2015 worldwide. As this craze spreads to a growing number of business categories, new business opportunities are emerging to optimize deliveries. GoTrackin has, for example, developed a mobile application for geolocation and real-time delivery tracking for restaurateurs.

Home help

Many avenues remain to be explored in the home care market for the elderly. New companies therefore offer a “hospital concierge”: a wide range of services intended for patients (linen care, product delivery, meal delivery, taxi reservations). These start-ups plan to soon extend to retirement homes.


With the rise of connected objects and digital tools, it will soon be necessary to repair and update a constantly evolving digital heritage. A very interesting and growing niche for experts in the field.

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Smart cities: New solutions for the cities of tomorrow

The notion of a smart city integrates digital technologies into all city functions: regulation of networks (energy, water, transport), virtual stores, lighting, etc.

e-Health: take advantage of the boom in connected objects

The boom in connected objects will continue. The trend towards controlling personal data corresponds to a real sociological evolution (Kolibree and its connected toothbrush, the Franco-Swiss Vigilant and its connected syringe for diabetics, etc.).

Sectors not to be overlooked:

  1. Activities related to the provision of technological products or services to businesses. There will very quickly be interesting opportunities to seize.
  2. The sale of quality food products. In large cities, requirements in terms of food quality tend to increase and become more sophisticated. There is a real need in this area! More and more points of sale are dedicated to organic products and quality meat, whether supermarkets or local shops. There is therefore room for new “gourmet” shops, such as we call them here, specialized in high quality products…and why not French!
  3. There is also a shortage of quality frozen products to be distributed in supermarkets or local shops.
  4. New fast food concepts may also have a good chance of success. Several brands, for example, now offer products made from pancakes… and it works very well! The crepe has become an alternative to wraps, the traditional sandwiches “wrapped” in .

Americans buy a lot online

E-commerce works very well in the USA. And this will continue with the development of “mobile commerce”, that is to say the possibility of doing your shopping from your phone.

Attach particular importance to the recruitment of your salespeople. It is easy for a foreign company to make a mistake by recruiting a person whose profile seems extraordinary, but who does not have good knowledge of the market and who will not be able to detect an interesting business network.

Thanks to the skills and important relationships of Brigitte Respaut Clement in Miami, we will be able to open important doors for you. Indeed, being members of important American organizations, directly linked to the highest authorities in the state of Florida, we will be able to make you benefit from our network.

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