Hypescrape: which sneakers to choose with a suit

If once the idea of ​​wearing sneakers on a suit was unimaginable, today this trend is becoming more and more widespread. It is also considered the perfect style to stand out at an event or even at the office. However, not all sneaker models that exist can lend themselves to this. In this post, you will discover the types of sneakers to choose with a suit.

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Minimalist sneakers

The white sneakers are fine

Les sneakers dad shoes

Minimalist sneakers

There is a diverse range of sneakers that you can choose with a suit. If you are a fan of sobriety, it would be more interesting to opt for minimalist sneakers. For this purpose, models such as the Cortez from Nike, the Stan Smith from Adidas or even those without a logo, like the Common Projects or the Vans can then do the trick as you can see with Hypescrape .

Although many hip-hop fans love Adidas’ Superstar sneakers, copying them by wearing them slip-on wouldn’t be a good idea for a costume. To be sufficiently comfortable in your clothing, elegant sneakers like the pairs of New Balance 574 constitute a classic and interesting model that you can wear with the majority of your suits.

Furthermore, to always stay close to your comfort zone, sneaker models such as Mick Jagger’s tunes or the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star can also be worn with any type of costume. Also, it would be complicated to make a mistake by opting for a combination between different check patterns and other buttoned models.

The white sneakers are fine

At a time when the sneaker sales business is booming, there are more and more many models that are still very attractive at various prices. For the best bet without risk, you should look at white sneakers, thin, but relatively refined.

Conversely, you will have to avoid most generally bulky sneakers in the spirit of very streetwear. Apart from these, you will also need to stay away from running sneakers. Although these sneakers usually appear in everyday styles, their sporty side will not allow them to be easily combined with a suit for example.

Les sneakers dad shoes

If the different sneakers mentioned above do not interest you for your costume, you can opt for Dad shoes which are indeed a good alternative. For example, you can wear them under a beige or blue suit to obtain a 100% natural and trendy look.

Dad shoes sneakers go even more naturally with slightly oversized jackets. However, you should be very careful with this type of style since it does not suit all body types. In reality, dad shoes sneakers with large soles can easily outline your silhouette. Which wouldn’t be interesting for some people.

If your body type does not allow you to easily wear a dad shoes sneaker, it is then possible to opt for the Retro Floral Tonal which can easily replace them.

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