How To Use Online Tools To Improve Your English Pronunciation

The accent, when they speak in English, has a crazy charm. However, we would do well not to dwell on this reputation which suits us, when we are also known for speaking generally mediocre English. If our grammar is still poor, our pronunciation of English is generally poor, which generates a set of obstacles to integrating into contemporary global society. How to improve your English pronunciation using resources available on the internet?

Speaking English with bad pronunciation: acurse?

It’s no coincidence that many of you want to improve your English pronunciation. We have all benefited from the same school education system, and have integrated the best and the worst. However, regarding language learning, the French school system has the particularity of granting enormous importance to grammar and writing to the detriment of pronunciation . Our history has also pushed us to demonstrate, without really knowing why, a certain distrust of our cousins ​​across the Channel.

Our pride in our cultural productions has long led us to prioritize our cinema to the detriment of English-speaking films. So, even if the latter ended up establishing themselves on television or on the big screen, we are not, overall, fans of the original subtitled version. Finally, the teachers in charge of English are often, both in school and outside,. Learning English pronunciation online allows you to avoid these pitfalls and get off to a good start in your English learning, provided you use the right tools like MosaLingua.

Discover online tools to improve your English pronunciation

Of course, for many reasons, we are not all equal when it comes to learning a language . This is also what members of National Education would object to. However, you can improve your English pronunciation whoever you are, provided you change the software you have incorporated into school. The solution: use online tools to listen and, above all, speak!

If online tools are well designed, they will offer you different learning channels. Through online videos on the sites or on Youtube, they will be able to make you aware of the magic of pronunciation and to change your conception of learning a language. To extend this initiation, teaching modules will provide you with short exercises to carry out at home regularly. Finally, applications will allow you to practice perfect pronunciation of the most used words in the English language.

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Once you feel confident, continue your learning!

Improving your English pronunciation means improving your overall vision of the language you are learning. With poor pronunciation, you can certainly succeed in an assignment when you are a middle or high school student, but it is by progressing on this level that you really become aware that you are learning a foreign language with its own sounds, sounds that do not exist in French. This is what will enable you to truly communicate with native speakers, something that studying English at school will never teach you to do.

As soon as you have improved your pronunciation , you will see that your listening skills will have followed the same evolution. While this probably won’t make you immediately comfortable in an English living room , your level will allow you to listen to podcasts in English or watch films without subtitles. This will take you to a new level of understanding. Thereafter, only one key to progress: travel and meetings!

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