How To Teach Children To Tell Time?

Telling time is a tricky business, especially for children. But as a parent you can easily teach your children how to tell time by learning about fun clocks. Make sure your child knows some basics like numbers and knows how to navigate the day.

At what age do children start learning time?

If the age of 5 is an average for starting to learn time, it is only from the age of 6-7 that he will become fully aware of time because he must know how to count to 60. Before these ages, it is difficult for children to find their way in time.

We must wait for them to assimilate with solid reference points to understand how time works. Today, certain methods make it easier to learn time, such as books, board games and also the traditional medium, the watch or the clock.

Make a clock with your child

Instead of buying a small analog clock for your child, engage them in a DIY exercise of making one using the Montessori method. All you need is a small paper plate and a pencil. To help your child, mark the number portions lightly with a pencil and write the numbers for them.

Let him start filling in the other numbersaccordingly and complete them. But before arriving at this classic clock system you can also suggest that he make this same clock but with the indication of the days of the week and the rituals that you have with him throughout the day and the week . He will thus begin to understand time and will be able to assimilate the understanding of time more quickly on different media.

The different supports for learning the time

Pointer watch or clock

With different colors, the hands of children’s watches or clocks allow you to learn in a fun way to recognize hours, minutes and seconds. A simple and repetitive methodology is necessary so that the child is not frustrated in his learning but which remains the most educational way. Analog watches are therefore preferred in children’s learning. This technique must be supplemented by the Montessori method which helps the child step by step and help them become independent as quickly as possible.

Digital watch or clock

For older children, digital watches make it easier to understand the time but eliminate the simple fact of putting their logic to work when they see clocks or alarm clocks with hands. The major advantage of this type of display is indeed its rapid clarity of understanding. No effort is made by the brain to interpret the time.

Developments in recent years offer digital watches or clocks with liquid crystal or LED screens offering unrivaled contrast. The digital screen is easily customizable, many manufacturers like Apple with its AppleWatch offer both displays on the same screen. The owner of the watch can at the same time decipher the time quickly but his brain also visualizes the analog version which makes his logic work.

Other devices to learn what time it is

Today, in the context of learning the time, certain companies have specialized in children’s alarm clocks in order to respond to a double problem, learning the time while educating the child to take responsibility. in his behavior when falling asleep in the evening or when he wakes up during the week or at the weekend. These new devices are most often digital but offer additional functionalities to teach the child in another way to understand the time displayed. Unconsciously, the child will be able to assimilate the time more quickly but also to identify the moments of the day.

It is therefore possible to quickly introduce this type of awakening around the age of 3 at the same time as arrival at school. It’s a fun way to make the child responsible and learn gently. Be careful, however, of the harmful effects that they can cause because of their WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If digital is scary then you can go for analogue alarm clocks for children which are just as fun and whose design will perfectly match the decoration of their room.

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