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How to print on a coffee mug?

Do you like personalized mugs? This everyday object is a wonderful support to customize. Individuals enjoy printing a fun photo or souvenir to give to a loved one. And for their part, professionals also like this personalized object, which makes an excellent promotional gift. On a mug, it is possible to print text and/or images, such as a logo, a slogan, a quote or a seasonal illustration. But in practice, how to print on a coffee cup? Let’s look at different ways to do this, depending on your situation.

The sublimation technique

If you want to personalize a mug at home, it is possible to do so with an iron. This is the “sublimation” technique.

The main constraint is to choose a ceramic mug that is clear enough so that the photo remains clearly visible. Since the print will not be 100% opaque, also make sure that the color of the mug matches the image. As a precaution, it is best to opt for a simple white cup.

Now, here’s how to customize it:

  1. Get a ceramic mug, a powerful iron, ceramic transfer paper, an inkjet printer, scissors, and tape.
  2. Select a photo of the correct size. It must have dimensions adapted to your mug and sufficient resolution to obtain a nice result when printed.
  3. Print the photo on the transfer paper and cut out its contours precisely.
  4. Clean the surface of the mug and dry it well. Then place the image on top and secure it with the adhesive.
  5. With your iron on high heat, heat the entire surface of the transfer paper for 2 to 3 minutes. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  6. When sublimation is complete, carefully remove the paper and clean the surface of your mug.

This method is accessible, but the result is not always optimal. Indeed, printing with an iron turns out to be rather complicated and the result can be quite irregular.

If you want a result worthy of a professional at home, you will have to invest in a sublimation device ( heat press type ). Note, however, that such equipment is often expensive…

Transcryl to “print” on your cup by hand

Do you have creative talents to exploit? What if you “printed” your mug yourself to personalize it? To do this, you will use transcryl, a special glue that fixes the paper to a hard surface. It’s the perfect way to make your tableware unique!

The principle is similar to sublimation, but does not require heat. First print your image on regular (non-glossy) paper and cut it out. Then, position it on your cup and carefully apply the transcryl with a brush. Remove any spilled product with a slightly damp sponge, then allow to air dry.

Finally, add a good coat of varnish. It will provide a smoother and more uniform finish, while protecting your “print”. Whether matte, glossy or satin, choose a waterproof varnish compatible with food use.

Order large quantities online

Do you want to print cups in the colors of your company or for your tea room? To customize large quantities, the best option is to order personalized mugs with a logo from a service provider. There are providers for all items: clothing with logos, personalized pens or technological gadgets, everything can be found on the internet.

You then have the choice between several models of cups, in different formats, styles and materials. You can also select the color and sometimes the printing mode, depending on the desired rendering. And of course, you are free to apply the patterns and/or texts of your choice on your future personalized cups. Once the design is finalized, all you need to do is request one or more samples to validate the rendering. Finally, all you have to do is order as many personalized mugs as you need.

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