How to make your industrial decor?

Whether you are a fan of the retro, raw, or authentic touch, know that the industrial style will fit perfectly into your interior. However, many people hesitate to dare this decorative touch. Most of the time it is for fear of creating a cold and austere atmosphere that the “factory” decor brings to mind. So, to help you, here are some decoration ideas that will inspire you.

Industrial furniture for a second life

As the trend is towards industrial style, do not hesitate to opt for furniture inspired by old factories, which will recall this touch in your interior. You can opt for locker furniture, tables with tripods as a desk, a kitchen island or why not in an open kitchen with the living room.

You can also buy retro chairs such as school chairs or even replicas of designer chairs from the 1950s that can be found in the biggest brands specializing in the sale of equipment and items for the home. Available in chrome metal or a bright, flashy color, these chairs will also bring a note of cheerfulness and warmth to your industrial-style interior.

Don’t hesitate to hunt for old objects in flea markets, favoring those made of metal. Some designers also make lamps or sculptures from pieces of metal recovered from old factories. These are unique objects that will become the central element of your interior decoration.

Workshop and factory-style hanging lamps

Even if you don’t live in a loft or a renovated factory, know that you can perfectly adapt the industrial spirit in your interior by focusing on the right decorative items. To do this, don’t forget to choose the right lighting, especially with hanging lamps that remind you of the industrial world during the 30 glorious years.

The ideal will be to choose metal pendant lights inspired straight from the factories. They will find their place in the open kitchen, both at the worktop, and the sink but also in the dining area.

Here again, play on the multitude of light points. Rather than buying one large lamp to put above your table, opt for several small hanging lamps at different heights.

From floor to wall, the character for a retro atmosphere

In order to bring this conviviality and this intimate side that we encounter in the industrial style, it is wise not to skimp on the details. To do this, you will need to choose the coating you are going to give to your floor, in particular, one reminiscent of factories and industries.

Don’t hesitate to opt for polished concrete, aged-effect wood or even a dark carpet for the living room and bedroom. As exposed bricks are an essential decorative element in an industrial style, avoid covering your wall with plaster if you are lucky enough to have it. On the other hand, if you don’t have one, you can create a trompe-oeil by covering your wall with imitation brick cladding slips. The same effect will be achieved while offering character to your home.

Here are some ideas that will allow you to adopt the industrial style in your home. These ideas will serve as inspiration for you, however, don’t forget to mix in decorative items that you can find in flea markets in your city. And yes, with recycled objects, you can adopt the vintage industrial spirit without any difficulty, even if your interior does not originally have this original charm.

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