How secure are public places?

The issue of security in public spaces is one of the priorities of all governments in power. Indeed, this is surely what citizens expect from their government: that it allows them to feel safe in their daily travels. Especially since today, many risks of all kinds weigh on society. Let’s see together how secure public places are.

The security of public places is a priority issue

For any government, security is always a priority matter. It is not for nothing that security is one of the most discussed themes during presidential campaigns. To capture votes, it is absolutely essential to reassure the crowds, and this can only be done if strong measures are promised to combat risk and insecurity. Before we see how secure public places are, let’s first see why.

Between radicalization, the increase in petty crime, but also new types of risks, such as health risks, our society lives in a sort of permanent anxiety. This is largely due to the media circus which never ends. Continuous news channels and TV shows where we discuss anxiety-provoking subjects hotly and for hours regularly attract significant audiences. But when it comes to a real question of security, only one piece of equipment is essential: the police barrier!

How are public events secured?

In any large public event, you will always spot a few classic elements when wondering how secure public places are. Security officers are of course the most essential to the system. They monitor people and ensure a good atmosphere within the established framework. But they could not accomplish their task in the best conditions if they were not supported by quality equipment and in particular police barriers, like those offered by

These barriers can indeed be used in different contexts. They can be placed in strategic locations to prevent access or, on the contrary, serve to channel the flow of individuals to direct them toward an exit point, for example. It can also be installed in front of susceptible buildings such as police stations, train stations, schools or shopping centers in order to discourage malicious people.

Safety, everyone’s business

Safety is always a collective matter. This is evidenced by the success of systems such as vigilant neighbors, which allow ordinary citizens to participate in monitoring our streets. For them, knowing how public places are secured is not necessarily the most interesting, but for the police forces, the agents who organize the protection of official places or even those who manage security during events, things are different. more important.

We must also understand that street safety must also obey the same community rules to be optimized. Indeed, some people sometimes think that having an authorized defense weapon, knowing martial arts or running fast are enough to protect themselves from attacks. However, it is through attention to others, empathy, and listening that we will achieve greater understanding!

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