3 Important Criteria Of The Ford Fiesta

It’s difficult to choose between all these Ford Fiestas, each one as sublime as the next. How to find your way there? Here are some points to consider when making your choice on the Fiesta that’s right for you.

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Its equipment

Its different engines

Its bodywork

Its equipment

You can narrow down your choice by taking into account the different equipment of the different Fiesta finishes. The Ford Essential provides “the essentials” of comfort. The Trend moves upmarket with more features such as the Ford Sync3 system on touch screen, reversing radar, etc. It is also the only model supplied with a spare wheel.

To benefit from automatic air conditioning and windshield wipers as well as panel recognition, the Ford Fiesta Titanium and St-Line are there. Note that the St-Line is sportier in particular thanks to the steering wheel, upholstery, suspensions and rims designed for this purpose. Finally, the Fiesta Vignale presents itself as the most elegant and perfectly equipped version. Among other things, you can appreciate its adjustable trunk floor, its WiFi terminal and its GPS navigation.

When buying a car, it is difficult to find the model that suits our needs. By going to the website of the French car dealership: On this site, you will find more than 18 brands of cars for new or used sales. Find in particular the essential range of Ford Fiesta .

Its different engines

You must choose the engine of your car carefully. A Ford Fiesta Diesel consumes on average 3.5l/100. To benefit from better power and more versatile use, the 1.5 TDCi 120 hp diesel engine. Is more interesting. You won’t really know what to do with the 85hp version. You don’t have much choice when it comes to diesel.

With Fiestas equipped with gasoline engines, you have more choice. The 1.0 EcoBoost engines consume the least, but not as much as a diesel. You should count between 4.2 and 4.5l/100 depending on the power. The automatic transmission version explodes consumption with its 5.3l/100. Petrol Ford Fiestas are more comfortable and more powerful than diesels. To benefit from the full power of a 1.0 EcoBoost 140hp, you must opt ​​for a Vignale or St-Line model.

Its bodywork

The bodywork is the third criterion to take into account when choosing a Ford Fiesta. A Ford Fiesta remains a city car despite the small Crossover nuances of the Active versions. The bodywork primarily affects the price of the car. A 3-door Ford Fiesta logically costs less than a 5-door.

Whether for a 3 door or a 5 door, the trunk volume will remain 292l for the Fiesta range. The 5-door version offers

To conclude, the little Ford Fiesta is a perfect car. As a city car, it will allow you to save fuel and drive very comfortably. Choose the right version that will offer you the most comfort, the right engine power and good bodywork.

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