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How To Hold Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular among women who like to take care of their appearance. More intense than mascara and longer lasting than false eyelashes, it has it all. Especially since it is possible to obtain the desired result according to the preferences and recommendations of the beautician who always takes into account the morphology of her client’s face. In addition, eyelash extensions ensure a harmonious lash line. This is the best solution for having an intense and glamorous look.

Please note, however, that applying eyelash extensions cannot be improvised and requires professional know-how. It is advisable to entrust the task to an eyelash extension technician, also called a lash artist. Then, there are some tips to make extensions last longer. The 3 tips that follow will help you keep them for a longer time.

Maintaining eyelash extensions properly

If the installation of an eyelash extension requires the work of a professional ciliary technician, its maintenance is up to you. The goal is to prevent the eyelashes from peeling off too early. To do this, the first rule to respect is not to touch it during the 48 hours following installation. During this time, the eyelash extension must not come into contact with water, as the glue is not yet completely dry. So use lotion or a cotton pad to wash your face and be careful when showering. Also, avoid brushing eyelashes and applying mascara. Moreover, it is not recommended to apply mascara. In any case, you must give the glue time to set and harden.

As your lash tech will tell you, you then need to maintain your eyelash extensions daily. It is necessary to shampoo your eyelashes every day. To do this, ask your lash tech for advice to find the best product. You can also use a baby shampoo, but we recommend the first option so as not to dry out the eye area, which is a fragile area. Dry your extensions with a clean tissue and brush them with a clean mascara brush. If necessary, ask your eyelash stylist for further advice on daily cleaning of your eyelash extension. Also, do not use an eyelash curler.

Avoid all fatty products

Anything oily is not compatible with eyelash extension. Oily products can quickly peel it off. Therefore, cleansing oils should be avoided at all costs when wearing eyelash extensions. Instead, opt for micellar waters, especially to remove eye makeup. Likewise, do not apply oil-based creams to your eye area. Greasy products should not come into contact with the lash line.

Make a filling

Natural eyelashes will naturally follow their growth cycle, and will eventually fall out, taking away the extension attached to them. Little by little, the pose is undone. You can therefore return to your eyelash extension technician every 3 or 4 weeks to carry out a filling. Eyelash extensions do not peel off at once. Thus, they gradually refine over the weeks.

Filling is both quicker and less expensive than new installation. Then, the 48-hour rule must be applied again to extend the longevity of your eyelash extension. To obtain a beautiful, long-lasting finish, choose your lash artist carefully and follow their maintenance advice carefully.

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