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How to decorate your house with an artificial wall?

The artificial green wall is a trend in the world of interior decoration. Many hotels, restaurants, and businesses adopt this decoration method which is at the same time sober, elegant, and easy to maintain.

How to choose your artificial wall panels?

The artificial green wall technique quickly attracted many professionals and individuals, allowing them to create interior decorations using artificial plants and flowers. As with any interior decoration element, you will have the choice between a wide variety of panels. So, you will have among your options:

  • The artificial green wall with falling flowers
  • The artificial green wall of pink, white, or red roses
  • The artificial green wall with jasmine flowers
  • The artificial green wall of pink or white hydrangeas
  • The artificial green wall of green plants (ferns, ivy, rhododendrons, vines, etc.)

Whichever green wall you choose, you will get a high-quality panel measuring 60 x 40 cm. To perfect the decoration of the interior of your home we recommend combining at least 6 walls. This will allow you to fill spaces and play with artificial plants to bring a “jungle” atmosphere to the interior of your house or apartment.

How to bring originality to the decoration of your home?

To add a touch of originality, you just need to combine several walls depending on the space but also the room. In a master bedroom, for example, having an atmosphere that is both romantic and bohemian is exceptional, in this case, you would rather favor walls with red or white artificial roses. Install a small artificial wall and a plant in your child’s room to bring a relaxing and soothing touch, while creating a unique decoration.

The living room is a room that lends itself perfectly to a large wall of flowers or artificial plants. Often installed behind television cabinets, these artificial walls constitute an important decorative element but are relatively expensive depending on the surface to be covered.

How to install your artificial wall?

Once you have decided on the location of your artificial wall, you can proceed with their installation. This will be done in just a few steps:

  • Surface preparation: Make sure the surface where you are going to install the artificial wall is clean, dry, and smooth
  • Attaching the supports: The supports are used to hold the artificial wall in place. You can use hooks, dowels, or nails to attach the brackets to the wall.
  • Once the supports are in place, you can install the artificial wall.
  • Use screws or vine wire to secure the panels to the wall, using the pre-drilled holes on the brackets.
  • Finish: Once the artificial wall is in place, you can add decorative elements along your wall such as plants, lights, etc.

If you have opted for plant panels of different colors or varieties, you can change their location at any time.

How to decorate your house with artificial plants?

Artificial plants are a great choice for decorating your home if you don’t have time or just don’t have a green thumb like me. Here are some tips for inserting artificial plants into the interior decoration of your home.

Choose a high-quality artificial plant: Make sure you buy an artificial plant of good quality both visually and when touching the flowers and leaves.

Vary the sizes and shapes: Use artificial plants of different sizes and shapes to create an interesting visual effect, don’t hesitate to vary the ideas to perfect your decor.

Use baskets or pots to decorate: Place your artificial plants in wicker or wooden baskets or pots to add a touch of originality and modernism to your home’s decor.

Place your plants in strategic places in your home: To decorate in a natural way we advise you to place them near a window, at the corner of a sofa, in a veranda.

Complete with accessories: Small wooden piece of furniture, wooden statue, curtain, painting.

Using our expert advice, you can create a pleasant interior design and create a small garden with artificial plants that will add a touch of greenery to your home.

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