How to decorate your bedroom to sleep better?

Are you sleeping badly? Are you only able to get to sleep late at night? What if the layout or decoration of your room is the cause? Learn how to decorate it to improve the quality of your sleep.

Decorate it with soft colors

Start by painting the walls of your bedroom with soft pastel shades. Do the same for paintings or canvases that you can personalize at Gravissimo to match them. Also, use bedding sets in the same colors or their variations. You will obtain a harmonious ensemble conducive to resting your eyes!

Using aromatherapy

Then focus on aromatherapy using lavender essential oil, the benefits of which affect the quality of sleep. In addition to the advantageous use of the diffuser, this object can also serve as a pretty decorative accessory for your bedroom. So don’t hesitate to choose the one whose color harmonizes with the rest of your decoration.

Put little furniture

There’s nothing more depressing than a bedroom that’s too narrow or full of furniture. So don’t put only what you use for sleeping, like your bed for example, but don’t put a lot of old furniture. One or two bedside tables and a dressing table that can double as a desk or vice versa also do the trick. Move your shelves and bookcases to another room.

Orient the bed in the right direction

The orientation of your bed also has a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep. Arrange it so that its head points toward the north or east. To find out, you need to use a compass or try different positions to find what suits you. However, avoid putting it between two doors or just below a window to avoid drafts.

Install two different light sources

Also put two different light sources in your bedroom, one for the whole room and the other more subdued for reading. By putting the second one on your bedside table, you only have to extend your arm a little to turn it off. Your sleep will not be disturbed.

Avoid the use of electronic devices

Also stop dragging your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your bed. They can seriously disrupt your sleep. Avoid watching television or checking your computer and telephone before going to sleep, as you will not be able to fall asleep immediately. By keeping them relatively far from you, 2 to 3 meters, you also avoid their radiation.

Choosing good pillows

Comfortable pillows also promote rest and sleep. Choose them very soft and light so as not to cause stiff necks.

Focus on opaque curtains

Finally, to avoid being disturbed too early in the morning by daylight, use opaque or dark-colored curtains to plunge your room into darkness. However, don’t forget to combine them with transparent and light sails that you can deploy during the day to let in sunlight.

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