How to choose a clic-clac cover?

Do you need a new sofa? Would you like to revamp your old sofa bed? Before making any investment of this kind, think about the cover. It remains an ideal protection and a way to bring a new face to your interior decoration. To obtain the equipment adapted to your needs and your furniture, discover in this guide some tips for choosing a sofa bed cover. As a bonus, we give you some reasons to opt for this equipment. 

The criteria relating to the aesthetics of this protection

Aesthetics is one of the first criteria for choosing your cover. Aesthetics essentially includes the design , texture , shape of the sofa, etc.

There are a variety of designs for your clic-clac cover. The best option is to direct your choice towards a model that matches the interior of your room. There are professionals where you can find a quality clic clac cover. Beyond design, texture adds value to the appearance and comfort of your furniture. Some provide visual interest while resisting wrinkling.

The shape of the sofa is also decisive in the choice of your cover. If your furniture has a wooden frame or arms, covering it with a sofa bed cover is definitely not a good idea . Indeed, the angular shapes of your sofa will be felt through the fabric. Length is also a criterion that should not be overlooked. Your cover does not necessarily need to reach the ground. 

The different categories of clic-clac covers

There are 3 main categories of clic-clac cover (the ordinary cover, the adjustable cover and the custom-made cover). As its name suggests, the first category is reserved for the sofa bed which has standard dimensions ( 110×190 cm , 130×190 cm , 120×190 cm and 140×190 cm ).

The second category is made of plastic and elastic fabric. The adjustable cover is suitable for all sofa models, whatever their shape and size. It is very practical, easy to maintain and economical. This timeless nature of this equipment means that it is increasingly popular with interior decorators. They do not hesitate to offer them to their customers.

The third category is the customizable cover. It remains the prerogative of people who favor originality and perfection. In the same way as the adjustable cover, the tailor-made cover is able to cover any type of furniture, whatever its shape and size. The other advantage of the custom cover is that you have the possibility of choosing colors and materials. It is a solution to bring a unique and personal touch to your cover.

The different materials used to make the clic-clac cover

The material used to make the fabric of the cover is a criterion that should also not be neglected. The most popular are cotton , linen , PVC fabric , microfiber , velvet , etc. However, cotton remains the ideal choice, because it has good hygiene and can easily match other materials.

In addition, cotton is suitable for all homes. It should be noted that the choice of fabric color must take into account the decoration of the walls and floor of your room. A heavy fabric should be avoided, as it may be unsuitable for your furniture. A medium weight fabric is still a better option.

Importance of the sofa bed cover

The sofa bed cover is a very useful piece of everyday equipment for your living room furniture. Indeed, if you have children or pets, it remains the solution to protect your sofa against stains and scratches . These are generally the work of children or pets.

 Buying a cover is also the ideal solution to give a second life to a worn sofa . Likewise, if you want to change the look of your sofa (whether new or old), changing the cover remains a good option.

It is also easy to maintain and relatively less expensive. Its price depends on many criteria such as size, manufacturing material, etc. With competition on the market, you have the opportunity to find a sofa bed cover at a lower cost that meets your requirements.

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