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Gematria: Calculate First And Last Name In Numerology

Numerology is a technique used to give numbers a surprising and intelligent value. Theosophical reduction is one of the techniques of numerology for combining a number with a name. This will allow you to acquire several numbers to know your personality, your desires as well as your daily actions. To learn more about yourself, find out how to do it in this article.

How to assign a numerical value to letters?

You must write all the letters of the alphabet on a white sheet. For each letter written, you will free up a small space to put the associated number. This way you obtain the correspondence table between letters and numbers. Each successive letter must be between 1 and 9. First, start your table by placing the number 1 at the letter A. By the time you get to 9, you will start again at the number 1.

Next, you will write your full name to calculate the number of expressions. According to numerology, the name imposes a great influence on the person who wears it. To acquire a numerical value for the letters of your name. You will use the lookup table to assign a number to each letter of your full name.

What method should be established to obtain the number of expressions?

To acquire the number of expressions, you must add up the numbers using the theosophical reduction of first and last names. Simply calculate the numbers that correspond to each letter of your full name. You can add these numbers using a calculator if necessary. This way, you will obtain the intermediate sum that you will reprocess. The intermediate sum consists of two or three digits. To get its expression count, you need to reduce the intermediate sum to a single digit. To do this, you will add the numbers obtained together.

You should not reduce the sum in case the result is a double figure. Double digits are called the master numbers and have individual symbolism. Their influence seems very difficult to control and is known to be very powerful. They reveal a complicated and intense personality.

How to know your personality in numerology?

To discover your personality, you need to know the secret of your number of expressions. This number shows the personality traits of an individual. Using your name, numerology can shed light on your number of expressions and know a little more about yourself. 1 corresponds to initiative and independence. 2 embodies cooperation and diplomacy. 3 defines creation. The 4 embodies stability. The 5 generates evolution. The 6 characterizes responsibility and protection. 7 embodies spirituality, understanding and knowledge. The 8 symbolizes power and ambition. The 9 expresses personal accomplishment. 11 indicates great spiritual ability and intuition. 22 embodies power, construction and energy.

In summary, you can know more about your personality. Just follow the methods of numerology. By using the addition of the numbers associated with your full name, you will be able to obtain an intermediate sum. Numerology offers different personality types assigned to each number. So, the result obtained will allow you to know a little more about your personality.

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