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Gardening tips and tricks: how to have a beautiful garden 

Beautiful gardens appeal to our senses, the colors, the immense variety of scents, the aromas, the sounds of birds and insects attracted to the plants, and the diversity of materials. The design of garden beds is very important, so they will undoubtedly apply some design elements used in art, graphics, interior design as well as landscape architecture. Variety and contrast must be ensured to create a garden that immediately catches the eye.


To create an attractive flower bed, you should choose a frame of different shapes and sizes into which it is possible to integrate a variety of plants with different uses and different heights and growing seasons. The most important thing is to have plants that are different from each other but harmonize with each other. All of this creates an attractive garden for visitors, friends, and family. The shapes of your frame are based on the shape of the house, i.e. for a multi-story house, it will be sloping, for example. It should be a collage of shapes that can range from rooflines to bay windows to corners.

What’s the best way to start?

In any garden, ground covers are the easiest plants to grow and maintain (except for weeds!). They don’t need any special growing conditions, but you do need to cultivate your soil, which takes time. The good news is that these jobs can be done during the warm spring and fall months, with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, there are vertical gardens, they are brilliant because they allow you to enjoy stunning views from inside the house while saving space in your garden. It also saves water. Most of us pay a fortune for water, but you can grow as much as you need for an entire year, and do it easily! A walled garden is a great place for contrast, it can be in shades of pink and red and provide shade on hot sunny days. Potted plants, on the other hand, are easy to set up and provide a constant supply of fresh air in the house or apartment and can also be placed in the garden if necessary.

Lay the foundations

Consider your goal, the style/feel you want to make, and whether you can use wood, concrete, or similar materials. For bed borders, wood, metal, and concrete are particularly suitable. All give a solid impression and are timeless and beautiful in their way. Don’t go to the trouble of building or purchasing exotic materials, as they increase the cost, especially if you want to work on it all year round, and may not be suitable for outdoor use. If it’s something completely normal and practical, but there are also more exotic things if you feel like it. When working on your garden bed, metal is the most practical choice because it is durable, adaptable, and inexpensive. Create the basic elements first, then add the additional elements to give the garden the atmosphere you want.

Put everything in place

How does your color palette affect light? Vary the arrangement in a bed to create interest. Cut out large shapes on the lawn. Create patterns with plants, use different materials in each bed, use individual species in each bed, scatter colored gravel or different types of stones. Keep it simple. If your garden is colorful and lush, you may need a little more time to maintain it. Minimalist gardens are not a bad thing if you want a peaceful place, a place to enjoy nature, a place that can be used by all members of the family.

How to make your garden unique?

  1. use plant material that complements existing flower beds
  2. Try incorporating different heights into your bed.
  3. use plants of different heights, for example urns or planters, with tendrils extending over the edge to surprise the viewer.
  4. use a variety of different garden styles
  5. add color throughout the season
  6. Plants grown indoors can be brought outside in summer.
  7. use containers to show more different plant combinations
  8. use different materials in the garden
  9. use a variety of different plant layers
  10. incorporate small garden figures


A beautifully designed garden in the land of blues and greens is where nature is at its best and you are surrounded by a natural home that reflects your personality. This is why it is particularly important to have a stable frame that retains its shape for a long time and does not give in to bad weather, so that you can enjoy your garden for decades.

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