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During a car journey, it may happen that you puncture in the middle of the road. This is probably a situation you wouldn’t want to encounter on the road. If you are able, you would then have to change the flat tire or rather you would have to wait for a repairer to arrive. Still, you will waste precious time. One solution to avoid this type of situation is to choose runflat tires for your vehicle. What is it about? At what price can you buy it? This article tells you more about it.

The runflat tire: what is it?

“Runflat” technology, which means “rolling flat,” was developed in the field of tires to equip certain vehicles. These tires, which can be described as puncture-proof tires, differ from conventional tires by their technical characteristics. They have a special metal ring placed on the rim which helps the car move forward despite a loss of pressure.

In addition, the sidewalls of these types of tires are reinforced and they offer the possibility of running at zero pressure in the event of a puncture. You could therefore continue your journey with runflat tires while driving at a speed limited to 80 km/h. This type of tire also has walls made of numerous layers of rubber and fibers . In the event of deflation, they have the capacity to support the weight of your vehicle while keeping it stable.

A runflat tire allows you to continue driving for a distance of between 80 km and 250 km maximum. This distance interval covers a fairly large radius allowing you to find the next garage on the road. It will then be possible to make a change or repair. When punctured, runflat tires tend to self-stick because they have a layer of sealant on the inside . For your vehicle, it is possible to find runflat tires online at the best price depending on the brand and model of your choice on specialized sites. You will thus be able to avoid many problems compared to the puncture of a conventional tire.

Note that runflat tires are mainly used for luxury or official cars . Furthermore, the name given to runflat tires depends on the car manufacturer (RFT at Bridgestone, DSST at Dunlop, HRS at Hankook, etc.).

The different cars that can be equipped with runflat tires

Runflat tires are generally fitted to approved vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, etc.). These cars must be equipped with tire pressure detectors . Note that the rims of runflat tires are different from the usual rims that can be seen on other four-wheeled vehicles. You can easily spot them using the acronym R/F or RFT often marked on the wall of the latter. However, if you are considering changing the original tires of your vehicle to runflat tires and vice versa, it would be wise to check with the car manufacturer. Finally, you cannot have both runflat tires and conventional tires on the same vehicle since the law prohibits it. It is therefore advisable to mount all four wheels at the same time to ensure the balance of your machine.

Runflat tire repair: is it possible?

Generally speaking, it is almost impossible to repair a runflat tire. This is why some tire manufacturers recommend simply changing it if it is punctured. However, you can try to repair the punctured tire using the puncture spray if the punctured part is not too large.

To do this, you will need:

  • Identify the punctured part and remove the object that caused your tire to puncture;
  • Mix the contents of the anti-puncture spray by shaking it then attach the spray to the end of the tire to be able to inject the foam inside the tire ;
  • Wait a few minutes before hitting the road to allow the foam from the anti-puncture spray to spread completely inside the tire.

At the end of the operation, you will notice that your tire will inflate slightly because the pierced part will be blocked. This will allow you to continue your journey, but you must absolutely go to the nearest garage to change your tire if necessary.

Runflat tires: what are their advantages?

With runflat tires, you will no longer have to worry when your tire suffers a puncture. You will no longer have to change tires in the middle of a deserted place left to your own devices or under the blazing sun. You will no longer have to wait for the repair service which can take long hours to come and get you out of trouble. Likewise, you no longer need to carry a spare tire in the back of your vehicle . You will then have space in your trunk to travel lighter. This can potentially reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Runflat tires: what are their disadvantages?

As highlighted above, runflat tires cannot be repaired for use again. Even if these allow the car driver to drive up to a distance of 250 km , they can slow you down at some point during your journey. For safety reasons, you would therefore need to go to a mechanic as soon as possible to change your tire . It should also be noted that puncture-proof tires cost more than conventional tires. Additionally, driving with runflat tires may be less comfortable than with standard tires.

How much do runflat tires cost?

This price varies depending on the car manufacturer and the size of the tires . So you will find runflat tires on the market whose price is between 49 and 90 euros. For 225/45 R17 tires for example, the average price is 80 euros. Regarding 205/55 R16 tires, the price varies between 49 and 70 euros. Finally, you can find 195/55 R16 tires at an average price of 65 euros.

By choosing to use runflat tires, you are surely making a good choice. These fairly durable tires are especially recommended for motorists who take long trips. So you can travel with complete peace of mind without having to worry about a breakdown linked to a punctured tire en route. Now you can make the choice that suits you best by evaluating its usefulness for your car.

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