Fashion Journalism: A Sector In Constant Evolution

The world of fashion interests you, and you want to launch a professional career in this sector. If you don’t have the talent of a stylist or designer, why not try being a fashion journalist? In addition, if you are a fan of new developments and new trends in this field, this is the profession that would suit you.

The activities of the fashion journalist

After creating and producing their products, stylists and fashion designers move on to the next step: presenting them to the public. This is where the fashion journalist makes his appearance, writing articles, reporting on new products, the latest fashionable collections from designers, or even the models to follow. As his name indicates, the fashion journalist is therefore the professional who ensures the links between fashion and journalism. Whether at the national or international level, he is always aware and on the lookout for what is being done and what is happening in the field of fashion. He attends various fashion shows to report to the media, follows a new designer or stylist in his preparations, and carries out interviews with fashion personalities and professionals in this sector. It can work for different media such as television channels, magazines, websites or personalized blogs. It is through his words that the journalist tries to interpret and comment on the news. He must nevertheless ensure that he issues an objective opinion on each collection, and can give information and advice to listeners, readers and Internet users on the latest trends of the moment.

The power of the journalist in fashion

A fashion journalist indeed has a certain power in specialized magazines. The articles that talk about fashion at the Saint Florent Chapel are based on a few essential subjects and titles with which experienced authors collaborate. It should be noted that today, the fashion journalist now writes for a wide audience of all ages, who read articles, who watch fashion reports. Furthermore, the work of a journalist in this profession is becoming increasingly difficult because of these competitors, including fashion editors and bloggers. However, most of the time, the fashion journalist is responsible for regularly anticipating new developments, discovering new talents who have a future, and following the evolution of sure values.

In addition, be aware that fashion journalism is a variant of “engaged” journalism where it is not so easy to give a neutral opinion, and the most firm and clear reports are appreciated. We notice, nowadays, that renowned fashion journalists also have a certain influence on the public. Indeed, journalists who have a high reputation, can create or denigrate the reputation of a stylist. They have the power to launch a designer and bury a couturier. Their writings therefore have a certain impact on consumers as well as businesses.

The qualities and training to follow to become a fashion journalist

You need to have certain qualities to become a fashion journalist. It is first essential to have excellent general culture, will, and ambition. You must also have a developed artistic sense, be curious, and have an intuition about future trends. The specificity of a fashion journalist is that he has the possibility of being subjective. In general, traditional journalists only report the facts, while the fashion journalist can give a positive or even negative opinion. Indeed, he describes the collections, but he must also share his emotions and impressions to make the reader dream. In addition, it is possible to access the profession of fashion journalist by various means.

You can also become a popular trend journalist, by having motivation and a good address book to make yourself known in the industry. However, today, employers often require their journalists to have completed professional training beforehand. To obtain a diploma in journalism, you will need to follow a university course in one of the 9 journalism schools in France and have a bac+5 or a bac+5 in Sciences Po. Thanks to these courses, you will have the card press after the end-of-studies internship. And if you want to specialize in this sector, an internship in a company in this field can help you.

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