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Enjoy a short stay in a nursing home to recover

A nursing home is not only specialized in welcoming seniors over the long term. Indeed, they can spend a few weeks in an establishment in Tunisia to recharge their batteries. 

A short stay in a luxury establishment

When we talk about nursing homes, we often think of a long stay, lasting several years, but thanks to an establishment located in Tunisia, you can treat yourself to a stay of a few days, or even a few weeks to recharge your batteries. This way, if you have some health issues, or have had surgery, you can get back on your feet  in a really nice place.

You will feel like you are on vacation, the establishment is so welcoming, flourishing in a truly idyllic setting. You will then live in a peaceful environment where you can rest and recharge your batteries.  You will see, you will get back into shape very quickly. Moreover, the opinions on the Carthagea establishment are very positive . So if your autonomy is restricted and it is impossible for you to stay alone at home, Tunisia will offer you everything you need. 

You will feel like you are on vacation

Indeed, there you will have at your disposal staff who will take care of you, and your exile will be really beneficial for you. Indeed, sometimes, being away from everything, from worries, from everyday life, allows you to recover more easily . These few days spent in the nursing home will help you get better.

Furthermore, in such an establishment, your family will have nothing to worry about since everything will run perfectly. You will be delighted to be there, both for the environment and for the care . In just a few times, you will regain your confidence, and will have the impression of having been a few years younger, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Some formalities to complete before your placement

However, first of all, a study of your needs must be established in order to offer you the appropriate services. Then, you will need to complete a medical and administrative file. An interview will be carried out before your reception, and a coordinating doctor will supervise the organization down to the smallest detail to ensure that you benefit from an optimal welcome . 

Obviously, like every entry into a nursing home, whether it is a temporary or permanent placement, a place will have to become available before we can welcome you. To do this, you can contact the competent people. 

How to choose your retirement home

Old age is often a difficult time to live through, particularly when you are a lonely senior and your health is failing. One solution that may be available to you if you have parents who have reached advanced age and whom you cannot care for is to place them in a retirement home. They will be able to benefit from quality support adapted to their needs. It is important to choose carefully before entrusting people you care about to a retirement home. Several criteria must be taken into account. This will be discussed in this article.

Types of retirement homes and prices

There are several types of retirement homes. Firstly, there are independent residences  offering private accommodation combined with collective services. We also note EHPAD, an acronym which means establishments for dependent elderly people . Finally, we note the long-term care units (USLD) which are annexes to a hospital and which are intended to accommodate seniors suffering from chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. You will also have the possibility of opting for a private structure whose management is the responsibility of commercial companies; there are also private non-profit establishments. Finally, there are public establishments.

The choice of establishment naturally depends on the budget you have. On average, a retirement home costs 2,200 euros per month. It should be noted, however, that this average hides significant disparities depending on the sector in which you are located. Joining a retirement home in Bordeaux , for example, will cost you more than if you decide to opt for a retirement home located in a small town in the region. Prices in private structures peak at 6,000 euros per month.

Criteria for choosing a retirement home

The first criterion is linked to the location of the retirement home . Perhaps you would like to place your parents in a nursing home close to your home. The other important criterion is the price, the establishment must present good value for money .

Find out about the nursing home’s certifications. This must frequently be subject to evaluation by external controllers. Also find out about the reputation of the director of the establishment

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