E-liquids for electronic cigarettes: what are the trends?

The e-liquid is essential to the electronic cigarette, it is composed of a PG and/or VG base, a nicotine booster (optional), additives (optional), and one or more flavors. It is the aroma that gives the e-liquid a specific taste.
Among the wealth of flavors available in the world of vaping, discover the trends in e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Classics e-liquids

In an aromatic universe evoking brown or blond tobacco with a touch of vanilla or caramel, Full Vap’s e-liquids for electronic cigarettes offer a strong-tasting vaping experience. Find the Pinta – Colombo ranges on its online site or in one of its three stores in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Cysoing, or Wasquehal.

Fruity e-liquids

For fruit lovers, fruity e-liquids will bring crunchy and tangy apple flavors or juicy and sweet flavors like peach nectar to the vape. For a pleasure vape with your Vaporesso, Aspire or Voopoo electronic cigarette, you can explore the iconic fruity e-liquids from Tasty Collection or Les Essentiels.

Fresh fruity e-liquids

Fruits in abundance with a good dose of freshness to give the vaper a supercharged and refreshing vape! Don’t hesitate to try the fresh fruity e-liquids from Fruity Fuel, Solana, Liquidaroom or Zap Juice. They are notably available from the French electronic cigarette manufacturer Full Vap.

Gourmet e-liquids

Make your taste buds tingle with gourmet e-liquids with flavors of pecan pies, apple turnovers topped with melting caramel, delicious cheesecakes or other succulent pastries for a return to childhood. There is something for everyone at Curieux, High Creek and Religion!

Mint e-liquids

There is nothing like a powerful sensation of freshness in the mouth with the range of menthol-flavored e-liquids. The legendary Subzero Shake ‘N’ Vape by Halo immediately transports the vaper to the North Pole! Don’t hesitate to try the famous Villa 31, an e-liquid handcrafted by DMK Juices.

E-liquid drinks

If you prefer to opt for a festive grand cru rosé e-liquid with red fruits, the brand Villa Boudoir will meet your expectations. In the world of soft drinks, Liquidarom offers you a forest fruit lemonade, a cola-flavored sparkling drink or a one-way ticket to Morocco with a mint green tea.

Nicotine salt e-liquids

For those looking for a very gentle vape or seeking optimal smoking cessation, nicotine salt e-liquids could be a great alternative. Indeed, nicotine salts reduce the hit in the throat and increase the sensations of pleasure tenfold. The Minimal range from The Fuu present at Full Vap delights you with its e-liquids with nicotine salts, particularly Eliquid France and its essentials.

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