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Develop the ideal garden for the whole family

The outdoor space is a place of relaxation and games for the whole family. To be able to fully benefit from it, you will have to think about the layout by delimiting spaces for each activity. This way, everyone will be able to take full advantage of it. By reserving a place for each occasion, the garden will always be a source of pleasure.

Install a terrace

A terrace is ideal for bringing the whole family together around a good meal when the temperatures are pleasant. It will be interesting to think of a wooden structure that will give a perfect natural effect for the garden. The orientation of the terrace as well as the possibility of enjoying a little shade will be important points. Thinking about a place for the barbecue will be a great way to spend good days with family or friends. A garden table to serve meals and eat in a magnificent setting will be truly perfect.

Access to water must also be guaranteed to be able to cook or take care of nearby flowers. All that will remain is to install comfortable garden furniture to be able to relax in this beautiful natural place.

A play area for children

The garden will quickly become a children’s favorite place if a slide is installed there. Kids love being able to slide for hours. A swing will be a great way to complete this play area. Depending on the available surface area, it is possible to add a chicken cage or install a trampoline. This play area must be visible to parents so that they can ensure that children play safely. You will have to find the ideal place so as not to encroach on the terrace which is more dedicated to relaxation.

Spaces dedicated to water

In a garden, Installing a pond with fish will fascinate young and old alike. Coming to admire them regularly will be very pleasant for everyone. A fountain also brings charm to an outdoor space. A small waterfall can even be thought of to make your garden truly magnificent.

For people who have the space and the necessary budget, installing a swimming pool will be a sure way to have fun with the family. You will need to think about a small bath so that the children can swim safely. A diving board and a pool slide will be perfect for entertaining the whole family.

Organize flower beds

The garden is a great place to walk, admire the flowers and smell their scents. To be able to take advantage of this, it will be interesting to provide spaces dedicated to flowers. By demarcating with stones or wooden frames, these flowerbeds will be neat. Children who know how to perfectly recognize these spaces will therefore avoid walking in them.

Alternating with beds of ground cover plants will be a great way to create a unique garden. These plants tolerate temperature variations very well. They will therefore bring additional charm to the exterior. For a family, this choice is smart because these plants require less maintenance than flowers. There will therefore be more time to share good times together.

Create a zen space

The Japanese-inspired gardens are perfect for relaxing and meditating. Creating this type of Zen decor will allow you to have a place to recharge your batteries. Leaving plenty of space for vegetation is the key to relaxation. A wooden bench will be perfectly in keeping with this inspiring decoration.

To respect the feng shui spirit, it is important to integrate all the elements found in nature. The bamboos provide a beautiful effect. A pond with water lilies will be a good idea to relax while admiring them.

Stone paths for walking

Stone paths bring undeniable charm to a garden. Arranging your garden with this type of path will allow the whole family to go around the garden following these beautiful paths. Children love to jump from stone to stone. This idea should therefore be exploited to please everyone. The garden will only be more valued.

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