3 books to read in 2024 to make money

Knowledge is a weapon and secrets are hidden in books, they say. Gaining knowledge in 2021 is important for making money and having a successful year. It is therefore normal to turn to written documents to acquire the information you need. However, it is necessary to know what to read. So how do you go about it? This article presents some books to read.

The secrets of real estate: how to build your financial freedom and ensure a comfortable retirement.

To have a solid education in financial freedom, this book is ideal. Indeed, the author Charles Morgan exposes through this book the secrets to becoming a good annuitant. He also takes the opportunity to show the different ways to invest in real estate while being a civil servant.

Discovering this will therefore allow you to take action early and benefit from a peaceful and decent retirement. You will thus be able to improve your living conditions and obtain additional income. This manual is available and accessible everywhere. 

The Big Book of Digital Marketing

Written by Rémy Marrone and Claire Gallic, this book is a reference if you want to get started in digital marketing. It’s a great tool for learning quickly and well. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this book will provide you with the support you need to improve. Creating functional and optimized websites will be easier for you.

Likewise, it will allow you to develop a love for this new digital approach. You can then create a marketing consulting agency with experts to offer your services for a fee. You can also decide to become independent and work as a Freelancer in this sector.

Java for beginners

If you want to work in the IT field, learning programming languages ​​is the minimum. Indeed, this beginner’s book is actually a manual that gives you the basics of object-oriented coding. You will also find mini-projects and their corrections which will allow you to consolidate your knowledge. This book is accessible to everyone. Then use it to develop new skills.

All in all, if you want to make money in 2024, turn to books on real estate investment. Those on digital marketing and programming will also be very useful to you

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