4 criteria for choosing your building land!

As part of the implementation of your home construction project, you wish to acquire land . This represents a decisive step to which you must pay particular attention. Find in this article the main parameters to take into account to make an efficient choice adapted to your needs.

Consultation of local documents

When searching for your land, don’t rush to complete the purchase as soon as you identify a location that interests you. Before submitting an acquisition offer, go to the town hall to collect the  town planning certificate . This document provides you with all the town planning rules. It specifies in particular the easements, the taxation and participation regime linked to the land concerned. You can also check if the local authorities are planning to install a public facility or a community building there. You will also find out if the said land is subject to a right of pre-emption.

Then, you consult the  local town planning plan . It displays the layout of a city and serves as the basis for issuing building permits. This verification allows you to ensure that you are building your home in a calm and healthy environment.

Accessibility of the land

Before deciding to acquire land that interests you, you must also consider certain fairly decisive details.

  • The orientation of the land  represents a crucial parameter. Professionals recommend a southwest orientation.
  • The attractiveness of the place  is also an essential criterion. Ideally, good land should be located close to train stations, shops, schools, etc. You must be able to make water, electricity and communications network connections without difficulty.

Furthermore, professionals recommend  flat terrain . Indeed, a sloping ground can present some complications when creating the foundation. You risk registering cracks quite quickly. If you acquire such land of this type, seek the services of a specialist to build it . He will therefore build the foundations in a homogeneous manner so as to obtain identical embedding over the entire surface. This may require earthworks. Sometimes, backfilling or retaining might be enough. In all cases, this generates additional costs.

Determination of property and housing tax

When acquiring land, you will bear financial charges, the amount of which varies depending on the location. Ask for the assistance of professionals  to help you calculate it accurately to properly develop your project.

The cost of land

You must also be interested in the  real cost of the land  retained. The risk of acquiring overvalued land remains quite high. You can easily get scammed. The best tip to take advantage of an excellent price is to use a  real estate agency . You will also benefit from specialist advice to make an effective choice. This gives you the certainty of getting a good deal. To make your purchase, you have the option of applying for a  quick personal loan . Visit a credit comparator to benefit from the best rates.

To choose land that suits your needs, take the time to visit it multiple times. You can go there every day of the week and at different times. Pay particular attention to neighborhood noises. This will allow you to truly appreciate the environment in order to make an effective decision.

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