Depressive disorders: cannabidiol, a gentle and effective solution

It is a global scourge that spreads across all social classes. According to INSERM, depression affects nearly 20% of the population. Persistent sadness, feeling of hopelessness, loss of motivation, and inability to make decisions, this chronic illness impacts several aspects of our mind. As a result, it has long been considered a mere vagueness to the soul. Yet today we know that it also affects us physically. Are synthetic antidepressants the only cures for depressive disorders? It would seem that CBD or medicinal hemp would be a natural alternative to be considered more and more seriously.

Therapeutic effects of medicinal hemp on anxiety disorders

In a press release dating from 2017, the WHO reported that depression represented the leading cause of morbidity and disability globally. It causes more than 800,000 suicides each year . It is therefore a real illness to be taken seriously. However, many people go through this suffering without follow-up or medical treatment. Synthetic anxiolytics do not always have good press, which hinders the treatment of certain patients. This is why the antipsychotic and neuroprotective properties of cannabidiol may represent a more natural and better accepted alternative solution. Already recommended to relieve inflammatory pain, CBD would also constitute a natural antidepressant capable of regulating anxiety and anxiety. In this case, it is often taken in the form of an oil, the doses of which must be administered gradually.

Cannabidiol, a booming industry

This plant, which has inherited its bad reputation due to its recreational use, is gradually beginning to improve its image. Thanks to this, there are now cannabis educational establishments in the Netherlands to learn more about its virtues. France, which remained one of the most cautious countries regarding its use, has just taken a step forward. On April 26, 2021, Olivier VĂ©ran (Minister of Health) authorized the first clinical trials of a treatment based on therapeutic cannabis to treat disorders such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. The experiment will last 2 years on 3000 patients.

Our German, Italian and some other European countries are already facilitating access to medicinal hemp for therapeutic use. CBD oils marketed in our territory do not contain THC. This active ingredient remains the culprit of many doubts, because THC can cause drowsiness, paranoid states and anxiety attacks.

To conclude, the medical profession is developing a growing interest in this plant which continues to demonstrate real benefits. However, its use remains highly regulated in France, which is beginning its experiments timidly. Depression, for its part, also remains a mysterious illness whose scientific mechanism remains unclear. Although some studies reveal a probable causal link with neurotransmitters such as serotonin , depressive disorders still raise many questions. But it remains urgent to detect and treat them, because suicide represents the 2nd mortality factor for 15-29 year olds.

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