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Create the style that suits you with ready-to-paint solid wood furniture

In our polite and standardized contemporary society, it is sometimes difficult to assert your personality even within your home. However, the decoration of a room should always reflect each person’s character to enable healthy and lasting development within the family cocoon. Therefore, the choice of furniture is of prime importance . The different styles allow everyone to create their own personal universe, but you still need to know how to select a suitable product.

To be sure you make the right choice, the best solution is to opt for solid wood furniture ready to paint . In full accordance with new consumer expectations, this type of furnishing meets the highest environmental standards while offering endless customization possibilities. Some companies like Nomadde even offer to put the talent of artists at the service of your decoration! Explanations.

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Solid wood furniture, natural ethics

All styles are in solid wood furniture ready to paint!

Artists at the service of your interior decoration

Solid wood furniture, natural ethics

The first advantage of solid wood furniture ready to paint lies in its ecological nature. At Nomadde , all solid wood furniture is handcrafted. Thus, they are mostly bi-material, recycled and ethical. When it does not come from recycling, the wood used comes from FSC forests , sustainably managed. The assurance of actively participating in limiting the ecological impact of our society.

Furthermore, the company’s solid wood furniture is produced using a healthy and environmentally friendly process. At no stage of their manufacturing are toxic products used, both for human health and for the environment. Choosing solid wood for your furniture also means opting for durable products that are stable over time and easy to maintain . A sustainable and responsible consumption model!

All styles are in solid wood furniture ready to paint!

If solid wood furniture ready to paint is also appreciated, it is also for its ability to integrate with different styles of interior decoration. Indeed, ecological awareness does not exclude the search for a fine and distinguished style , quite the contrary! Our era is above all looking for authenticity and solid wood furniture perfectly meets this requirement, while allowing you to change your interior style regularly without changing the furniture.

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Solid wood is an important component of ethnic furniture , for example. A few exotic trinkets will reinforce the spirit of adventure that will permeate your living room. But you can also opt for a Scandinavian interior in which raw wood will greatly contribute to the sober and relaxing atmosphere sought. Finally, the industrial style which combines steel and wood for a simple decor will be perfect for your solid wood furniture!

Artists at the service of your interior decoration

Last advantage of solid wood furniture ready to paint, but not least, the multiple possibilities they offer in terms of customization. As the name suggests, these pieces of furniture are prepared to be fully painted once received. But Nomadde also offers a personalization service which allows you to choose from different colors to adapt your furniture to its future environment. From aged black to Siam red and all shades of gray, you will have the choice between 11 shades and more than 800 customizable pieces of furniture!

To push the concept of personalization even further, Nomadde decided to include real artist projects in its business model. Decorators and furniture designers are chosen by the company on the basis of their reputation or a crush on their work. After a bilateral exchange, they decide together on the techniques used and the objects to be enhanced. And all this to offer customers unique furniture in the world!

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