City car: why choose an SUV from SEAT?

SUVs have been unanimous among four-wheel enthusiasts since their creation. If these city cars are increasingly plying the streets of city centers, it is above all because of their usefulness. Here are 3 good reasons to opt for this type of car!

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A multitude of existing models

Cutting-edge technologies

SEAT SUV: a complete vehicle

A multitude of existing models

It is not always easy to choose a city car from the large catalog of models available on the market. The interest of this type of car is however undeniable: opting for an elegant SUV means benefiting from multiple features.

Versatile and modern, these vehicles appeal to the public because of their numerous models available at competitive prices. If the sublime SEAT Arona needs no introduction, the spacious Ateca SUV is the perfect car to accommodate a small family. So many choices that guarantee very good value for money.

Cutting-edge technologies

How can you resist an SUV whose bodywork shines under the summer sun? This car is also equipped with the latest technologies to offer its owner a unique experience on the roads.

Drivers appreciate:

  • the SEAT CONNECT application which controls the SEAT Arona remotely;
  • the efficient car trunk of the family SUV;
  • and the cruise control of the SEAT Ateca.

In addition, each vehicle bearing the Spanish manufacturer’s logo is equipped with reassuring technologies such as intuitive safety.

SEAT SUV: a complete vehicle

The city car is not only appreciated for its diversity of models and its technologies. It is also popular thanks to its other characteristics.

SEAT SUVs are equipped with particularly meticulous finishes for an aesthetic finish . Their owners also praise the superb rims they are equipped with and their gleaming bodies. These vehicles are equipped with comfortable and modern seats. The color palette provided by the dealer enhances the vehicle and promotes its personalization!

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