Can We Install The Fortnite Video Game On A Mobile Phone?

Fortnite is a video game developed by the giant Epic Games. This North American company specializes in the creation and development of video games. Since its market launch, Fortnite has attracted millions of gamers from all over the world. If previously, Fortnite was available on the various stores, a turnaround took place in 2020. Indeed, Apple and Google decided to take part of the revenues from Fortnite. If the game was mainly free, it was necessary to buy points for the characters’ clothes and accessories to better succeed in the tests. Since this shocking decision, Epic Games has decided to generate its revenue differently. Find out in this article how you can still enjoy this fighting game.

The Mobile Phone fatal blocking of App Store and Playstore

In order to avoid deductions made by Apple and Google, Epic Games has decided to collect its revenues differently by requiring users to pay directly to it. By doing so, the company has indirectly declared war on the giants of Silicon Valley. In order to compensate for this maneuver by the Californian company, Google and Apple have in turn decided to remove Fortnite from the games in each Store. A decision which certainly upset Epic Games, but also users. According to Google and Apple, Epic Games deliberately violated the rules that apply to application developers on the platforms. Thus, iPhone and Android users could no longer download the game from the platforms. If the game was installed before removal, users could still enjoy it. However, after updating the game or upgrading the version, iPhone users will no longer be able to play it. This new version is no longer compatible with the iOS processor.

Also note that iPhone users will no longer be able to access the game even if they download the game from the Epic Games website. Apple has made the radical decision to block the game for all of its phones.

What if there was another solution

If you mainly have to go through the Apple and Google platforms to download any application, Epic Games has decided to bend this rule. From now on, it is entirely possible to play Fortnite from your mobile by installing the game from the company’s website. Installation from the mobile browser can only be done if you have a phone running Android.

To install, simply go to from your Android mobile or tablet. When installing Fortnite, always make sure to check for permission requests. Indeed, you will be asked to always use the browser for future applications and not the platforms. It will be necessary to accept this request for the installation of Fortnite and not for other applications. Once the installation process is complete, you just need to proceed directly to the games. For the purchase of clothing or even combat weapons, Epic Games will collect the prices directly.

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