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Automotive: What Is The Importance Of Coc?

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Acquiring a vehicle is inevitably accompanied by a wave of paperwork. Of all these documents, some are of capital importance for the operation of your new vehicle. The COC is at the heart of this essential paperwork. Here let’s explore the role and importance of this certificate.

The COC or certificate of conformity

The COC (Certificate of Conformity) or European Certificate of Conformity is a document of paramount importance when purchasing a vehicle. It contains the manufacturer’s certification as to compliance with current standards and European Community regulations in the design of the vehicle. This is a mandatory certificate to obtain authorization to legally drive this vehicle. For a Citroën brand vehicle, it is therefore necessary to acquire a Citroën coc to be able to legally enjoy your vehicle.

The Citroën certificate of conformity is a certificate issued by the famous designer which certifies that this vehicle, actually produced in its factories, complies with all European standards and directives. It certifies that this vehicle complies with standards and can be put on sale in all European countries without exception.

The Citroën certificate of conformity is an essential document for acquiring a first registration for an imported vehicle.

How is the Citroën COC obtained?

The COC is a document that must be attached when applying for registration. This very important document, however, has its own acquisition procedure.

Prerequisites for obtaining a certificate

First of all, it should be noted that the COC cannot be obtained for all vehicles. Certain conditions must first be met to obtain the European certificate of conformity for a vehicle:

  • the vehicle must be sold on the European market;
  • the first registration of the vehicle cannot date before 1995;
  • the first registration in question must have been carried out in a member country of the European Union;
  • the vehicle must be of type L or M1.

Once you have ensured that all these conditions have been met, you can now turn to acquiring the certificate.

The case of new vehicles

Have you just bought yourself a new Citroën C5 and are you ready to do anything to have the right to drive your new baby freely? Nothing holds you back, the certificate of conformity is automatically issued with a new vehicle. No more (or almost) paperwork for you.

You will only need to set up a certificate request in the event of loss.

Request for a new certificate of conformity

If for whatever reason you do not find yourself in possession of the certificate of conformity for your vehicle, it is possible to request a new certificate. To do this, you need to gather the following pieces:

  • your identity card;
  • a supporting document;
  • tax clearance;
  • the Cerfa registration certificate;
  • the sales certificate or your invoice after purchase;
  • the technical inspection of your vehicle;
  • the foreign registration certificate of your car.

It is possible that some of these parts will not be required or you might be asked to add more.

For a simple and quick acquisition of your certificate of conformity, the trend is to make the request online . Many sites now support the production of your document. Prices vary depending on your provider, but the performance and guarantees offered also vary. To better understand the offers and avoid scams, it is recommended to explore several sites and compare prices. With a little research, you’ll get the best deal possible. Certificates are typically issued within 3-5 business days.

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