Are men’s slippers trendy?

The history of men and shoes dates back more than 5000 years. Even today, shoes, like clothes, continue to be a fashion accessory par excellence. And very often, some of them have a very special touch. For the most curious, the traditional slippers of Moroccan culture constitute a convincing example. True works of craftsmanship, men’s slippers meet all tastes. Through this article, we will take an overview of this atypical shoe.

Slippers: a cultural masterpiece

Today, there are very few everyday objects made by true artisans. The Industrial Revolution soon standardized production lines, stripping the work of the master touch of the craftsman. But all is not lost. Somewhere in northern Africa, one of the most remarkable traditional shoes in the world still stands the test of time. Because they carry an entire cultural and national identity, the fame of men’s slippers has transcended borders.

In the cities of Fez and Marrakech,

slipper fever is evident. In almost all cities, you will not fail to notice on the feet of a city dweller slippers made entirely by the hands of maâlem goldsmiths (master craftsmen). If you are looking for an unusual shoe, then the choice is made. So put on a slipper, an authentic masterpiece full of symbolism. As a man, owning a slipper is also a sign of his cultural diversity and the expression of all that is best in him.

Traditional-modern manufacturing

With their very distinct shapes, Moroccan slippers are true ambassadors of a very rich culture. Historically worn by the Berbers of southern Morocco, these small everyday accessories are all made with the greatest respect for tradition, so as to protect your feet from any pain. Everything therefore starts from an idea, from the creative imagination of the master craftsman who, with his hands, creates each detail of the shoe with meticulousness and great application.

Indeed, each slipper for men carries a touch of aesthetics designed by its master creator. Whether it is the colors available in variations such as blue, yellow and red, or even the manufacturing materials such as calf, goat or sheep skin, everything is nationally inspired. A close collaboration between the tanner and the maâlem is then highlighted to give men’s slippers all their charm.

While preserving all the

the quintessence of purely traditional know-how, men’s slippers are also up to date with evolution. Without overshadowing ancestral heritage, it is very easy to also treat yourself to a slipper made from more modern materials such as suede and leather. Always so comfortable, in addition to a beautiful Moroccan costume like the djellaba, you will get noticed in the most beautiful way.

How to choose your slippers for men?

If you want to embrace Moroccan art and blend in during your vacation , you will absolutely need to wear a slipper. And, it should be noted that you will be spoiled for choice. Indeed, depending on the shape of the slipper, namely pointed or round, your size and your tastes in terms of finishing, you will want to take them all from the souk merchant.

You might as well get them

before your trip. You will find online shops entirely dedicated to the sale of slippers for men. You can visit the Artisant-shop catalogs to make your choice with peace of mind. For example, you can wear your choice depending on the occasion. For a ceremony, a cultural event or for a fair in the colors of Moroccan culture, a slipper made of leather and decorated with various patterns would highlight all your elegance.

And, for an evening rich in color, why not opt ​​for a turquoise or fuchsia slipper? It’s up to you to stand out in the most beautiful way. While purchasing, also make sure to choose a size that will provide you with great comfort. So consider taking a size larger than usual. After such a journey into the world of slippers, there is no doubt that this accessory will now occupy a special place in your wardrobe.

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