Allumee’s innovative and creative drone shows

Every human is sensitive to beauty. It is certainly this component of ourselves that makes us enterprising, always in search of new sensations and innovative techniques. To be convinced of this, you only need to observe the reactions of the public in front of a master painting, a preserved natural landscape or an artistic performance. And with Allumee’s innovative and creative drone shows , entertainment blends technological advances and a sense of aesthetics while conforming to today’s concerns. Presentation.

Drone shows, the entertainment of tomorrow

In summer, particularly in tourist areas, it is common to see people gathering after dark to observe the sky during fireworks displays, for example. But today, these shows, while certainly beautiful, are no longer adapted to our requirements for multiple reasons. Additionally, advances in technology have led to new ways of creating visual and utterly fascinating art .

Allumee’s innovative and creative drone shows are one of them. The idea here is to use the maneuverability and modularity of drones to display images in the sky. With more than 200 machines, all equipped with GPS and an LED capable of displaying the entire color spectrum, technicians can illuminate the sky with texts, logos or even animations. And to arouse even more emotions, everything is accompanied by a suitable soundtrack. 

Drones for environmentally friendly shows

Allumee’s drone shows therefore rely on cutting-edge technologies to create completely new shows. Powerful 3D software allows technicians to design paintings with surgical precision , always generating excitement among spectators. But this new entertainment is also in full agreement with its times, characterized by ecological awareness and the need to adapt our uses to the climate emergency.

Unlike fireworks, there is no risk of fire during these shows. For cities in the South deprived of shows due to recurring droughts, drone shows are an ideal solution. In addition, drones do not generate any pollution on site and Allumee strives to recycle as many components of the batteries used as possible. Finally, these flying machines are absolutely silent, so the local wildlife will never be disturbed by the shows!

Personalized and creative shows!

In addition to the environmental and practical aspect, the drone shows offered by Allumee also constitute a technical mode of precision, capable of offering completely new shows to the public. Drones are extremely precise objects that can be positioned and moved in the sky at will. Thanks to their LED, all artistic fantasies are possible, allowing all kinds of entities to enjoy the benefits of the drone show.

Companies in particular will be able to use this tool to display their logo, a slogan or any other brand that seems coherent to them. The quality of the show will in any case be a clear element of the seriousness and innovation which characterizes the patron. Safer and more precise than fireworks, simpler to set up than 3D mapping and more aesthetic than laser shows, drone shows will undoubtedly be essential elements of your future trade shows, exhibitions or festive evenings!

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