A Self-taught Man Who Is Still Green

Jean-Marie Santander is a reference in terms of green electricity. A pioneer in the field of wind power, a man of conviction, self-taught and always in agreement with his values, this entrepreneur has demonstrated extraordinary determination. An admirable mental strength which has led him into projects ranging from wind power to the cultivation of Spirulina. Let’s discover the journey of an extraordinary man!

When will conquers difficulties!

Wind power is its DNA. How can you not turn to renewable energies after having encountered it? It has been his inspiration for years, and he has been able to build a reputation in his image: honesty and respect for the values ​​not only of the Earth but also of Men. From modest origins, this entrepreneur was able to overcome multiple difficulties to forge a path that quickly became a road: from his family he learned humility, tolerance and honesty but also respect for nature and our environment.

It was through hard work and resilience that he became an electronics engineer, after years of studying. He made sacrifices, but only to achieve his goals. A model of courage and perseverance!

He immediately puts his intelligence at the service of renewable energies: unfortunately, he quickly becomes aware of a reality that saddens him. The financing necessarily comes from the Stock Exchange and from this capitalist society with which he has so much difficulty dealing. A dilemma ! But he will have to delve into it to develop his ideas and obtain the necessary funds to do so. He started at Théolia in 2004 but had to resign after taking a stake in the company. Never mind ! He had no shortage of ideas and it was his strength of character and his will that allowed him to create Eco Power, of which he became CEO. He then embarked on what he loved so much: the search for renewable and green energies. Thus, it carries out operations in photovoltaics and creates wind power plants. The wind and the sun as the best collaborators!

Jean-Marie Santander therefore does everything possible to avoid remaining passive in the face of environmental problems. He reacts with intelligence and entrepreneurship to fight for an effective ecological transition.

Seaweed: a virtuous culture

One of the other concerns of the entrepreneur is the cultivation of Spirulina. This algae with multiple virtues is becoming more and more popular and cultivating it in an ecological way seems essential to this entrepreneur.

The objective? Optimize your shape, boost your health thanks to the consumption of phycocyanin, a substance extracted from algae. Its main role? Promoting immune defenses: a real gem for everyone, Jean-Marie understands this well! The extraction of phytocyanin reveals a blue pigment, which could be the solution to many diseases.

Thus, he manages the production of this algae with superpowers, but of course, with complete respect for the environment! Having put his knowledge and skills at the service of this production, he cultivates this “blue gold” in an agro-solar complex, in Hers, in Occitanie. The energy is therefore green and tons of spirulina are harvested there. By combining the quality of glass greenhouses, the quality and duration of sunshine in the South, and the experience of the company’s employees, he was able to create a very high quality product.

Growing plants that are excellent for health, made in France, using only green energy: a challenge met! The desire to create innovative projects that carry values ​​while respecting nature has thus won!

When a man’s human qualities combine with his intelligence, in a virtuous circle, innovative projects can see the light of day and lead to the evolution of society by showing the right path. By using renewable energies and devoting himself to the cultivation of blue gold, an eminently promising plant, Jean-Marie Santander is looking to the future with an eco-citizen and enterprising approach!

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