4 Tips For A Mosquito-free Bedroom

In summer, mosquitoes are a real nuisance, ruining the daily lives of most people. They are everywhere and are especially prevalent when you want a little peace. In particular, their comings and goings and their incessant noise can quickly prevent you from sleeping peacefully. And their itchy bites are sometimes pure hell. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of these intruders in your home. More specifically, here are 4 tips for a mosquito-free bedroom:

1. Mosquito repellent bombs

First, it is possible to rid your room of mosquitoes with an aerosol can. There are two categories:
– Repellent sprays have a preventive purpose. Sprayed around the window, on furniture and/or textiles, the product is supposed to keep insects at bay.
– Insecticidal substances are sprayed directly on the mosquito to kill it.

Even though they are easily available commercially, these mosquito repellent bombs have several disadvantages:
On the one hand, the product is very aggressive and its inhalation is dangerous. Once sprayed, it is best to leave the room. And in the bedroom of a child or a person with respiratory problems, it is strongly not recommended.
On the other hand, an aerosol can may be harmful to the ozone layer, which makes it a very environmentally unfriendly product. In addition, this flammable bottle requires storage precautions.

2. A mosquito repellent socket

Then it is also possible to use a mosquito repellent plug. Available in supermarkets, this device diffuses a substance that repels mosquitoes. This way, no one will want to enter your room.

In practice, this can be a bottle of repellent or a soaked tab that plugs into a wall outlet. There are also repellent diffuser lamps. Note that some models release an odorless product, which prevents you from being inconvenienced. But in all cases, despite their effectiveness, these mosquito repellent sockets are not recommended for sensitive people .

3. A mosquito net

Your third option is the mosquito net. This time, no potentially toxic chemicals: mosquitoes are physically kept at bay thanks to a net placed on the window. It is possible to install a standard model, but the best is to install a custom-made mosquito net on your bedroom window.

Being perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your frame, it will block all mosquitoes – but also other insects and even pollen! In addition, a custom-made mosquito net is perfectly compatible with a French window, which is practical if your room has a balcony. The most important thing is to choose a quality mosquito net of the right size. To do this, you can for example go to the Domondo website.

Some people even go so far as to soak their mosquito nets with repellent, to deter intruders from approaching them. This is absolutely not necessary, but you can do the same if you want.

4. Naturally repellent plants

Finally, what would you say about a completely natural solution to avoid mosquito invasions? We are obviously talking to you about plants. Some have particular properties, which effectively repel mosquitoes. By placing them in your room and especially near the window – both inside and outside – you should quickly deter these undesirables.

Here is a small selection of repellent plants that you can keep in a pot in your room: lemongrass, lavender, lemon balm, marigold, tansy, lemon verbena, mint or even nepeta.

Finally, an alternative is to use the repellent power of these same plants in a concentrated version. The idea is to place a few drops of repellent plant essential oils in a diffuser. To vary the olfactory pleasures and increase the effects tenfold, do not hesitate to combine several varieties. Be careful, respect the recommended dosages. In addition, take into account the contraindications linked to the use of essential oils (especially for young children and pregnant women).

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