4 criteria to follow absolutely to choose a table football

For some people, table football is just a game, but for others, it is a sport. Indeed, in recent years, table football has once again become a fashionable entertainment that brings together players of all levels in a good atmosphere.

Nowadays, owning a table football is no longer only within the reach of a small minority. There are all kinds of table footballs on the market so the risks of getting a fake good deal are often very high.

To get a table football that meets your needs and relive your best childhood moments, it is imperative to know a few important points. But how to proceed? In this article, we offer you 4 important criteria to take into account when choosing a table football .

Table football playing surface coverings

Depending on each brand, an outdoor table football is made up of a mat made of various materials. Today, there are mainly three types of mats on table football playing surfaces:

  • The wooden mat : it offers a particularly fast and simple playing ability. Insensitive to ultraviolet rays and water, this coating is most used on children’s table footballs;
  • The glass mat (tempered or sandblasted)  : it is very resistant, contrary to what people think. Fluid, this mat allows you to control the ball well. This type of covering is the ideal solution for those who love fast-paced games;
  • The Gerflex mat: it is not too fast, but offers perfect control of the ball during games. It is perfectly suited to players of all levels.

The aesthetics of table football

Naturally, for a table football that meets your expectations, the criterion of aesthetics is a very important point to take into account. Indeed, the new table footballs that appear on the market act as real decorative devices for your rooms and your garden.

If you are not a fan of the traditional design of table footballs, you can opt for an advanced table football. These include, among others:

  • Wenge table football;
  • White or orange table football;
  • Black or silver-grey designer table football.

The weight of the table football

Weight is an essential parameter when choosing a table football. The heavier your table football is, the more it will be able to resist the force of experienced players. In addition, it is essential to know the weight of your table football in case you take it out during the day and then return it indoors at night and vice versa. Table football models for adults generally weigh 70 kg, which allows them not to move during games.

Choosing a table football according to your budget

It is important to prioritize value for money when choosing a table football. Indeed, the price of a table football depends on its range. Thus, it is possible to find a table football for 250 euros on average. Keep in mind that the price of a table football varies depending on its size, model and especially its brand.

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