10 Diy Wooden Decor Ideas

The wooden box is one of the easiest materials to recover for its transformation and its integration into a decor. We have selected 10 decorating ideas that will inspire you in your desire to join the DIY movement.

1 – Painted shelves

We’ll start with the painted shelves. After collecting crates of wine or champagne, you have the choice or not to paint the inside of the crates to change their dimensions. Above all, you should not damage the exterior of the box to preserve any production logos. They can be attached to the wall where they will transform into perfect shelves.

2 – Wallpaper shelves

There are wallpaper shelves. Here, using old wooden drawers or wine crates, we create wall shelves full of color and nicely covered with wallpaper. These shelves can be used as decorative objects as well as storage modules.

3 – Graphic boxes

Graphic boxes, for their part, are useful for practical and fun storage. Geometric patterns are painted on blank wooden boxes. It is important to use a router bit to match them to the rest of the decor and finally place them on the ground or hang them on the wall.

4 – The modular wall

The modular wall is useful for creating divisions in the loft. Here, we stack a few painted wooden boxes and design integrated, personalized storage. Wooden crates allow you to keep a space ventilated without building a permanent wall.

5 – The toy box

As for the toy box, not only is it a superb decorative element, but it is also a box on wheels that is easy to move to different rooms in the house. The toy box is very practical because it is also used to collect clutter scattered throughout the house.

6 – Extra benches

Extra benches are recommended for smart storage. This DIY idea allows you to offer your guests very beautiful benches on which they can sit, in addition to generating space for excess storage in the living room.

7 – Plant pots

When we use wooden boxes to give them an industrial look, similar to terracotta pots; we have plant pots. Plant pots are very economical, they allow you to avoid spending on pretty pots which are, most of the time, very expensive.

8 – Recycled furniture

Another DIY decor idea is recycled furniture. It involves recycling wooden boxes and transforming them into furniture. In fact, wooden boxes can be used as support for the table top. They create space for additional storage but also a place for a work surface.

9 – Planters

Wooden boxes can also be used as planters. In fact, we arrange the wooden boxes according to desire, space and need. They easily replace flower boxes or tiered planters.

10 – A touch of authenticity

Finally, we can simply add a touch of authenticity to a piece of furniture that we already own by giving it a new appearance. We add storage elements using wooden crates.

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