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Why You Should Consider An Automatic Pool Cover

Having an in-ground pool installed firstly has a significant initial cost. In fact, you need to count on at least 6,000 euros for the simplest models and if you want a shell pool, it even goes beyond 10,000 euros. We must then add to this the maintenance costs (filtration, equipment maintenance, etc.) and of course think about safety in order to avoid accidents. Let’s take a closer look at this last aspect with automatic covers in the form of rolling shutters.

The characteristics of automatic roller shutters for swimming pools

For swimming pools that have a rectangular shape, there are actually two main types of roller shutters. Those which are manual and require to be operated by a crank. They have the merit of being cheap, but have two big flaws. On the one hand, it is quite restrictive to have to open and close them each time where there is a risk of forgetting to close them. On the other hand, unless a padlock is placed, a child can easily open the shutters and be the victim of an accident.

This is why we recommend the second type which are automatic roller shutters In addition to being very practical to use (you just need to press a button on a secure remote control), you can choose them in two different versions. The first version which is the least expensive is the “above ground” one where the reel will be placed outside the pool at the edge of the narrower side. It is not the most aesthetic or the most discreet, but it can be installed even after the pool has been built.

The second version, called “submerged pool cover”, is the one we recommend if you want to have discreet and effective protection. Its range can be underwater or on the surface and will in all cases slightly reduce the swimming surface of your pool. So it’s up to you whether you prefer comfort or discretion!

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