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How To Properly Prepare For The Move Of Your Law Firm To Paris?

Like any person, a Lawyer may have to move his office to Paris many times during his life, particularly if he has the status of tenant. This is an essential step in the career of this person carrying out a liberal activity.

Obviously, carrying out this moving operation requires acting not only with professionalism, but also with rigor. You must indeed be very careful to protect yourself against the loss of files as well as legal and administrative documents. Here are some steps to follow in order to move your law firm located in Paris with complete peace of mind.

Call a professional mover

Moving a law firm to Paris requires the intervention of a professional in this field. Indeed, this operation requires excellent planning and organization regarding the different steps that must be carried out. It is for this reason that it is preferable to entrust this mission in the hands of a moving company skilled in this field. The latter has the human resources as well as the material resources adapted to carry out the relocation of a law firm without incident.

A certified moving company also allows you to minimize the risk of damage to the goods to be transported. If you are looking for a moving company that is very skilled in this area, you can always use the classic method of word of mouth. In case this method does not inspire confidence in you given the stakes, you can also do an online search to find a competent, reliable and trustworthy professional mover.

Carry out all administrative procedures

Once you have chosen the location of your activity, you must then go through all the administrative procedures to be carried out. Therefore, be sure to make a declaration to URSSAF concerning the change in your situation as well as your change of address. You must then notify the bar association of your change in situation as well as the move of your practice.

This process will allow you to quickly register on the roll of the Bar Association in your new city or new department.

Inform customers of your move

Once you have completed all the formalities required for the relocation of your law firm located in Paris, the question remains concerning your clients. It is essential to notify your clients a few months in advance for your project.

From the moment you have a precise idea of ​​the date of your departure, it is also necessary to keep them informed (orally by appointment or by telephone) so that they can make their arrangements regarding this news. If you intend to move to the same area, do not hesitate to ask them to follow you to your new office.

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