Why Apply For Cap Early Childhood Training In Lyon?

According to a survey carried out by ENSAI, the employability rate of young university graduates fell by 9 points in 2020. This decline continued the following year, relaunching the eternal debate on the inadequacy of academic training. with the needs of the labor market. However, in order to do better at the end of their course, some learners opt for work-study training in the early childhood sector. Why exactly this solution? Focus on the advantages of obtaining the CAP AEPE via an apprentice training center (CFA).

CAP AEPE training center in Lyon: what to understand?

Before applying for CAP early childhood training in Lyon, it is important to understand the skills it allows you to acquire. Indeed, as its title indicates, this state diploma is qualified for professions relating to the development of children. In this case, its holder is authorized to look after children under 6 years old. But since the start of the 2019 school year, this parchment has changed its name. It is now called CAP early childhood educational support (CAP AEPE), with more rewarding content. Consult a specialized page for more information on this subject. Furthermore, why is it recommended to complete a CFA to obtain this qualification?

Anticipated professional experience

More and more learners are applying for recruitment at the CAP AEPE training center in Lyon. They are certainly attracted by the many advantages that result from it. To this end, it must already be clarified that the CFA offers apprenticeships alternating with courses at school and accompanied by a fixed-term employment contract. In this way, the candidate offers real professional experience before the end of his academic training. He will thus be able to enrich his CV and quickly get hired at the end of his academic training.

Paid apprenticeship

Students need to save money to meet their basic needs. With this in mind, some are recruited as bicycle delivery men or part-time gas station attendants. However, these precarious jobs are not very informative. The offer from the CAP AEPE training center in Lyon should then be preferred. Indeed, during this learning the alternation acquires new knowledge. In addition, he receives monthly remuneration generally set at 39% of the minimum wage. This income can then be used to round out the months without getting too tired.

Practical knowledge

The content of the CAP AEPE training has been designed to teach apprentices all the technical information relating to childhood. Added to this are general education subjects which serve to strengthen their personal culture. Apart from these programs, the CFAs offer practical work to allow the student to apply their theoretical knowledge. This last point is all the more advantageous, since applicants thus learn a concrete profession to pursue later.

Many outlets

At the end of the training and once the CAP AEPE has been obtained, the apprentice can be hired in the private or public sector. Thus, the latter can serve as a child minder or a maternal assistant at home. He can also be recruited as a social agent, in collective childcare services or an animation agent in a nursery school. So many possibilities which therefore increase one’s chances of employability.

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