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What plant should you put in your garden at the start of the year?

For this year, is your new resolution to have a more beautiful garden? You are not the only one. After confinement, the maintenance and development of outdoor spaces suddenly gained momentum in France.

For those who are just starting with exterior decoration, here are some ideas for plants to put in the garden at the start of the year.


With its purple flowers which appear from May to October, the pelargonium is, among other things, a fairly interesting alternative for maximum color in your garden all year round. The month of January is particularly the ideal time to start planting this plant.

To do this, you must choose a partial shade exposure and soil rich in humus and perfectly drained.


primrose is one of the most popular species in gardening in France. Individuals particularly appreciate its softness. It is a plant with light green foliage and white and yellow leaves.

It brings light and aesthetics to your garden between September and July, that is to say for almost half of the year. To start planting the primrose in January, prefer sowing in a pot before putting it on the ground in July.

The Hyacinth

The start of the year is also the ideal time to start planting hyacinths. This is a fairly rapid-growing plant. Also, you should have a first flowering season towards the end of the year, until June.

Please note that hyacinth is characterized above all by its voluminous flowers which can come in several colors depending on the variety: pink, white, blue, etc. Be careful, however, to respect the planting conditions of the plant to ensure its proper development.

As a reminder, hyacinth needs good exposure to the sun and perfectly drained, sandy soil.


You have between January and June to plant your begonias. These pink flowers, soft and light, can also bring color and cheerfulness to your outdoor layout. And the advantage is that begonia flowers all year round.

Obviously, to have good results in your planting, you must choose the perfect type of soil to begin your landscaping project. Neutral soil and partial shade location are necessary for this particular variety.


There is no need to wait until May to put the Helenium on the ground. The beginning of the year is also a good season to do this. This will allow you to guarantee flowering from the start of summer.

The climatic conditions are met to guarantee the success of your plantation. To do this, we recommend a type of moist soil, rich in humus and limestone. Then, in your garden, choose the location most exposed to the sun.

The Snapdragon

Finally, you have the snapdragon. IF you want to enjoy these flowers in the shape of a small pink fir tree from the beginning of May to September, you can start planting from January. You have until February to do this.

In all cases, the type of soil to use is important to ensure or accelerate the growth of your plant . We are talking in particular about a sandy substrate rich in humus. This is a variety that does not tolerate excess water, so make sure to drain the soil well.

And whether in a pot or directly on the ground, know that the snapdragon needs exposure to the sun, or perhaps partial shade, to be in good health.

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