7 ideas for decorating a hallway

The hallway is often a neglected part of the house when it comes to decoration. However, it is a space that deserves your full attention, because it constitutes a transition between different rooms and can reflect your personality. Here are 7 original ideas to decorate your hallway according to your tastes and desires.

1. Dress the walls with personalized frames and frames

The walls of a hallway are the ideal support for hanging frames, photos, or even posters which will bring a touch of life to this generally neglected space. You can opt for simple or elaborate frames depending on your style.

By choosing a professional picture framer, you will benefit from quality work carried out by an expert craftsman as well as personalized advice. Plus, it has a huge range of supplies and styles to bring your project to life.

Dressing the walls with custom frames and surrounds in a hallway offers a unique opportunity to transform this space into a personal gallery.

2. Lay down a rug to add style and comfort

Some people are hesitant to install a rug in their hallway for fear that it will impede circulation or require too much maintenance. However, this accessory can be very useful for generating a cozy and warm atmosphere while protecting the floor covering.

To brighten up a narrow or dark hallway, opt for dynamic prints and patterns. As for larger spaces, they lend themselves readily to the use of a plain rug in a soft, neutral color. However, be sure to choose a model that is sufficiently durable according to your needs.

Some tips for choosing the right rug:

  • Take into account the use of your corridor: opt for a robust and easy-to-maintain material if you often use this area.
  • Match colors and patterns with other decorative elements in the space.
  • Check that the size of the rug is suitable for the width and length of your hallway.

3. Install mirrors and lighting to visually enlarge the space

Dark and narrow corridors can benefit from an enlarged impression thanks to the installation of mirrors and the proper use of lighting. Mirrors allow natural or artificial light to be reflected and thus give an impression of greater depth.

To play with optical effects, consider varying the sizes and locations of the mirrors. Regarding lighting, it is wise to provide several sources to obtain a harmonious result: ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall lights, etc.

A hallway that is too long can seem endless. To break this feeling, you can play with the lighting and create several zones with different light intensities. This will also create an original and soothing atmosphere in this transit space.

4. Dare to use wallpaper to give character

Wallpaper is ideal for personalizing your hallway. It offers a large choice of patterns, textures and colors allowing you to create the atmosphere that suits you. If you are still hesitant, test this wall covering on a single section, this will be enough to give character to your hallway without leaving an oppressive impression.

Wallpaper and practical advice:

  • Choose washable wallpaper if your hallway is very busy or if you have young children.
  • Choose a fairly discreet pattern so as not to saturate the space and annoy daily.

5. Paint with originality

Painting also makes it easy to decorate a hallway. Test different techniques (by brush, roller, sponge, etc.) and dare to use flat areas of color to create a personalized atmosphere. To avoid the result being too heavy, remember to balance your shades: if you choose a dark color for one section of the wall, opt for a light shade on the rest of the surfaces.

In a hallway, choose satin finishes which are more resistant to friction and stains while slightly reflecting light.

6. Bring style with well-chosen furniture and accessories

Depending on its size, your hallway can accommodate furniture such as a bench, a chair or a pedestal table. These elements can be useful in your daily life, in particular for temporarily placing objects or sitting down for a few moments. Decorative accessories such as vases, sculptures, or candlesticks can also add a touch of elegance to your space.

Be careful not to overcrowd your hallway with too much furniture or accessories. This space must remain fluid and pleasant to use daily.

7. Opt for simplicity with built-in furniture

For small hallways, consider using built-in furniture which takes up little space while providing practical storage. Shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, etc., are all solutions to optimize space without sacrificing style.

In addition to making your life easier, these installations can also highlight your decorative objects or your collections thanks to integrated lighting.

It is therefore possible to transform your hallway into a pleasant and functional space thanks to a few simple and affordable decorating tips. Don’t hesitate to mix styles and ideas until you get the atmosphere you dream of.

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