What are the different types of cameras?

There are several varieties of cameras such as digital or film cameras. They can be grouped into four types, the reflex camera, the hybrid camera, the instant camera, and the bridge type which will be excluded here because it is an intermediate between the compact and the reflex.

The instant camera

The instant camera appeared in the late 1940s and the first models were from the Polaroid brand. Photos were then in black and white until the invention of Polacolor film in 1963. As its name suggests, it allows you to obtain an analog photo instantly without the operations of developing the film and printing it on paper. The instant camera is very popular among photography enthusiasts and professionals and even in the medical field.

In 2008, Polaroid ended production of instant cameras. Strong competition from digital photography will precipitate the decline of Polaroid and the instant camera in general. But since 2011, Polaroid and several other camera brands have relaunched the marketing of a new type of instant camera that is on the rise. This buying guide will allow you to find the right device according to your needs for this year 2018.

SLR cameras

SLR cameras are among the most advanced. They saw the light of day in the 1950s, so it is a type of old camera appreciated by both amateurs and photography professionals for their quality of precision and speed. The lenses are interchangeable and the optical viewfinder offers real comfort. The dimensions of the sensor are quite large, which makes it rather heavy, but also gives the possibility of manually adjusting all the parameters for the most detailed shots.

The reflex camera can be used in extreme conditions, in low light or backlight for example. It is therefore a high-end device and its use requires a good mastery of photography tools. The SLR camera can be film or digital. It gets its name from the fact that a mirror reflects light onto a focusing screen coming from the lens. In addition to its high-end quality and speed, the SLR has several features for adjusting fields of view when taking photos.

It has an LCD screen which is used to view the objectives. On many models, it is impossible to see the scene during the shutter release, because the mirror is raised during the shutter release. Despite some disadvantages linked in particular to its high price and its weight, the SLR remains the reference camera.

The hybrid

The hybrid camera is equipped with a large digital sensor and allows the reception of several interchangeable lenses. Originally, hybrid referred to the compact camera with removable lenses and large sensors. This characteristic today concerns all lens cameras with an eyepiece viewfinder. It is slightly closer to the SLR camera and has high-end image quality.

Unlike the SLR, it is less heavy, more manageable, and smaller too. The hybrid camera emerged around 2008 and has since experienced strong growth. It is increasingly appreciated by professionals and used to complement or replace SLRs. This is justified by the practicality and pronounced handling of the hybrid camera.

Each of these types of cameras has a specific operation that will correspond to different uses. It is now up to you to choose your camera according to your needs in terms of research in the composition of your shots and thus combine technology and the desired result.

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