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Why we need renewable energy now

Now that the biggest contributor to pollution has closed its doors to the coronavirus, the earth can breathe easier. Nitrogen dioxide…

Now that the biggest contributors to pollution have closed their doors to the coronavirus, the earth can breathe easier. Nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant from road traffic, has dispersed by 30% in large cities like industrial Italy in four weeks. China, the world’s largest polluter, emitted 25% less carbon during the same period.

This year began with a series of environmental disasters: prolonged bushfire seasons, simultaneously withering crops, a series of volcanic eruptions and floods may jog your memory. Recent factory closures have eliminated most of the risks. Which showed the world what could happen if we simultaneously started taking action against these risks.

Research proves that places with heavier air pollution are more likely to experience higher death rates from coronaviruses. Also, climate experts believe that there is only one way to stop the damage: a radical change in energy resources. And 2023 seems like the best time to start investing in these solutions  !

Energy becomes more affordable…

Forward-looking policy frameworks have led many countries to transition to sustainable energy for electricity. This includes turning to sources such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power. These two types of energy have become the cheapest sources in the industry. What’s more, other renewable energy sources plan to reduce their prices within a few years. Renewable energy has reached record capacity increases and continues to outpace fossil fuels. Since 2017, renewable energy has also been introduced in developing countries.

…and even more accessible.

Due to the lack of demand for fossil fuels due to aircraft grounding and reduced road traffic, renewable energy sources are expected to account for 21% of electricity in the United States alone. Over the past five years, renewable energy has been more popular than fossil fuels in Western countries. The West has indeed realized that natural gas and coal play a major role in the problem of carbon emissions. In fact, natural gas and coal accounted for almost 75% of new electricity generation capacity worldwide last year.

Companies prefer fossil fuels.

JPMorgan is one of the largest financial firms to stop supporting coal companies and instead target $200 billion in economic and environmental development deals. However, it remains the main financier of fossil fuels. Also, coal is still the king fuel in Southeast Asia. There is no chance that this will change overnight. But the pandemic is showing remarkable signs of the changes we can make to get there.

But its industry is collapsing.

When the world is in chaos, oil markets typically see increased demand and volatility. But today’s disruption is different, and it’s not primarily caused by the coronavirus. The richest oil-producing countries, Saudi Arabia, Russia and now the United States, are competing for oil supply and production as demand begins to collapse. The world is consuming about 25% less oil than usual, raising the possibility of a collapse.

Renewable energies are not immune either.

Unfortunately, renewable energy sources are just as much a victim of the coronavirus as anyone else. Renewable energy is experiencing its first slowdown due to the decline in overall electricity demand. Environmental researchers believe we could reverse much of the progress made so far in renewable energy if we don’t start making a long-term transition. Otherwise, it could lead to another round of unforeseen disasters like those we experienced earlier this year.


The world is enjoying better air quality than it has in decades. Climate change deniers are beginning to see the effects of better airflow management and reduced carbon emissions around the world. There are fewer unexpected tragedies and pollutants have decreased by 60% compared to the previous year.

But environmental science and policy experts say this trend is likely to continue. If people want to stop experiencing sudden wildfires or heavy smog, they need to work together to prevent them. Even when we are all cured of the coronavirus, living in highly polluted areas will never be able to ensure its permanent departure.

On the other hand, by installing solar panels, planting trees or reducing the number of car journeys, everyone can help reduce greenhouse gases around the world. However, if the biggest and richest companies don’t do something about this situation,

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