The construction sector, little-known professions

Nowadays, more and more people want to break into a more exciting world in terms of profession. The construction sector is one of them. Indeed, this field is interesting both for people who are skilled with their hands or those with their neurons. In any case, the construction sector allows them to embrace a satisfying career.

What if you opted for a sector that is both comprehensive and complex?

Many of us think that working in the construction industry is just about being a project manager or mason. There is also someone who thinks, this sector only offers us work as roofer, zinc worker or electrician. Please note that construction is a field that can offer us a wide range of professions. This is because it allows you to practice professions listed in three categories.

The first category lists the so-called labor professions that we are all familiar with. These do not require any particular qualifications. You just need to have the baccalaureate. The second category brings together technical professions. Since these are activities classified as managerial, they ask that you complete more in-depth and advanced training in the field. The last category lists professions which are not yet very well known in the construction sector. It should be noted that these activities are among the most sought after.

What are the most common jobs in the construction industry?

Most of the time, it is people who do not have a particular qualification who enter the construction sector. This is why it remains a very promising sector. Indeed, even if you do not have specialized training in building, you can become a mason or roofer. You also have the possibility of working as a building painter. However, if you want to improve in your activity, you can undertake training. This way, you will be professional in your field.

Which construction trades are more technical?

Some construction professions require specialization. Indeed, to practice them, you must have at least three years of specialized training after the baccalaureate. If you want to become a construction business manager , you must complete five years of training. This is also the case for BIM project manager or construction engineer professions.

It turns out that these technical professions are the ones that offer the best salary. This is why young people are more attracted to these technical professions in the building sector. To work as a building electrician, you should know that you must have a vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering. In addition, if you want to work as a construction site manager or construction team leader, you must follow a Baccalaureate training with two years of training. The same goes for the job of site manager. This does not exclude the fact that a higher level of education is still required.

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