Moroccan ashtray: a wide range to suit your style

The ashtray is a smoker’s favorite accessory. Far from being a simple, innocuous accessory, it is equipment that meets a very specific need thanks to its design and the type of material used for its design. Are you looking for an ashtray with a particular and original style? So that the model of your choice is used optimally, you have the possibility of choosing it according to certain criteria which are detailed throughout this article.

What is an ashtray for?

An indoor ashtray as we can see with this Moroccan ashtray not subject to the temperature variation that can be seen between the inside and outside of a house. Most of the time, it is protected from humidity and does not have to face the rain. It can be made of wood, ceramic, glass, or plastic.

It has the advantage of being anti-odor since it is used indoors. You find this characteristic with a cheap Moroccan ceramic ashtray. It contains the odors of cigarette butts, and allows you and your guests to smoke in the living room without having to stink up the room. Its size allows you to leave several cigarette butts there before throwing its contents in the trash.

Since they are versatile, some ashtrays can also be used outdoors. This is the case for galvanized ashtrays and those made of stainless steel. They tolerate the vagaries of the weather and are not afraid of humidity or temperature variations.

Method of manufacturing the Moroccan ashtray

The Moroccan ashtray is made from terracotta. Although the preferred raw material suggests that it is fragile, this accessory can be used perfectly indoors and outdoors.

Coming from craftsmanship, it exudes an originality and a completely unique style to bring character to the room or place in which it is placed. Beauty is not the only characteristic of this type of ashtray. It is also able to retain the smell of cigarette butts thanks to a dome located in its center. You have an upper part that remains removable for emptying.

What is it useful for?

When you are a smoker, you also need an ashtray for your car. Are you someone who likes touches of originality? You have the opportunity to let your taste shine through with an ashtray that is flashy, but remains discreet. This is the case with a fluorescent or phosphorescent colored car ashtray. It lights up or sparkles and can both serve as an original cup holder for people who don’t smoke, but who may have smoking passengers.

The “must” for an ashtray is especially the anti-smoke and anti-odor model which is perfectly suited to a restricted environment such as in a car. Also, you do not risk smelling the cigarette thanks to the last fumes that the cigarette butts can leave. You can therefore close the car windows in complete peace without fearing the unpleasant cold smell of cigarettes.

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