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The Advantages Of A Pruner For Maintaining Your Garden

Pruning trees and plants in your garden can be a good idea. This is a good way to optimize interior light, refine the exterior decoration, and guarantee a little more security for neighboring infrastructures. From now on, for this type of work, you can count on pruners. It is a device with multiple advantages for maintaining your outdoor space.

Use a pruner for beautiful finishes in the garden

The main role of pruning a garden tree is the aesthetic side. This is a way of redefining the shape of the tree in question. Something that will be easier for you to do with an electric or thermal pruner. With this type of device, you will benefit from maximum precision in cuts, whether for raising the crown or simply for pruning trees and plants of any height. Professional and quality, the pruner can handle any branch and any type of tree.

But, even if it means investing in this type of accessory, the Warrior guide still advises avoiding the lowest prices and turning to recognized brands or even professional devices. To make working at height easier, if this is your case, remember to compare the ease of handling and the lightness of the tool.

Use a pruner to thin out certain areas

Particularly for trees installed in the city center, pruning is a necessary step to ensure a minimum of safety for the surrounding infrastructure and people. It is also a health approach imposed by certain PLUs and insurance companies. To do this, you need to get rid of the branches that are most likely to cause accidents. With a professional pruner, you will have optimal cutting precision to clear up certain areas.

For this approach, it is advisable to cut as close to the trunk as possible. The goal is to get rid of dead or fragile wood that can fall with strong winds or storms.

Using a pruner for the health of your plants

According to experts, it is advisable to prune every 8 years on average for old trees, every 3 years for young shoots, and annually for other types of plants. It is also a way to ensure the well-being of your plants.

Regular pruning of your plants will not only allow you to control growth and size, but also prevent certain diseases by getting rid of certain diseased branches. To prevent the plant from dying, you must use mastic after pruning to accelerate healing.

More than ever, when cutting, you must demonstrate optimal attention to detail. This is particularly the case for pruning for preventive or curative purposes of the plant. You should prune a few inches beyond the diseased areas to avoid infecting the entire plant. It will be easier to treat tall trees and limit tree regrowth with a pruner. It is an accessory that will not only save you time in cutting but will also allow you to minimize risks.

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