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4 Benefits Of Using An Expandable Garden Hose

Do you like growing vegetables or flowers in your garden or on your balcony  ? This is a good thing because it not only allows you to have the necessary ingredients at hand to prepare your favorite dishes but also to beautify your home. However, to ensure good growth for your plants, you must water them. And as you know, this activity can quickly turn into an ordeal if you don’t equip yourself with a good garden hose. In this sense, the best solution is to opt for expandable and retractable garden hoses. These royally improve watering conditions. Boasting great flexibility and incredible resistance, this product is a true revolution in the world of garden tools. Let’s discover all the benefits it offers to its users.

Easy storage of the garden hose

Having appeared on the market a few years ago, the extendable and retractable garden hose is the trend of the moment. Its greatest asset is related to storage. This type of pipe is not bulky at all. It takes up very little space. This is because it can retract once at rest. So, you won’t have to worry about where you are going to put it. You no longer need to set up a specific storage space for your hose. For example, you can attach it to a wall support or store it in a drawer or even in a flower pot. An advantage that you will not have if you use a traditional garden hose. This has a large interior diameter which does not make it easy to store at all.

Hassle-free transportation

The expandable hose is well known for its legendary lightness. First, this makes it easier to roll up, which can be done in two to three movements. Also, you will no longer have to spend a lot of energy transporting it or using it while watering. We specify that a wide choice is available on the market depending on your budget and your needs.

Easy handling

There is nothing easier to handle than a flexible, retractable hose. Very flexible, this innovative tool saves you from all the problems that you generally encounter with a traditional pipe. It quickly avoids obstacles in its path without needing your intervention. It doesn’t knot during use. This allows it to also slip between medicinal plants and tree branches in your garden without destroying them. It is therefore very suitable for the vegetable garden.

Unbelievable resistance of the expandable garden hose

One of the reasons that also leads gardeners to opt for this garden hose is its resistance. The expandable and retractable hose is designed from an alloy of latex tube and an entirely polyester fabric. This gives extraordinary robustness. It can therefore last for many years without spoiling. Another significant element is the length of this pipe. It can allow you to water the largest surfaces. For information, the expandable garden hose can stretch up to 50 m. And as we have already said above you will not have to bear the disadvantages of this length because of its ability to contract once the tap is closed.

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