Post-baccalaureate business school: good plan or scam?

We’re going to tackle a slippery subject! Post-baccalaureate business schools are increasingly on the rise! The student has published its 2020 ranking of business schools and we can see that business schools accessible directly after the baccalaureate are positioned very well. This is the case of IESEG, which comes 8th in the general ranking and which competes with post-prep schools such as EDHEC or EM Lyon. But the prices of business schools are only increasing. This is also the case for Post Baccalaureate or Post Prep business schools… So is doing a post-baccalaureate business school a good plan or a scam?

The (real) selectivity of Post Bac business schools

All Post Bac business schools do not have the same rate of selectivity. In this article, we will therefore position ourselves on the best of them, to allow a high school student to plan with ambition for their higher education.

  • IESEG communicates a final selectivity rate of around 15% since the ACCES competition. Which means that approximately 1 in 7 candidates will be eligible
  • The ESSEC BBA communicates a selectivity rate of around 13% since the SESAME competition. Which means that approximately 1 in 8 candidates will be eligible

To pass the ACCES & SESAME competitions, there are much cheaper online training courses such as concoursup, an online preparation course given entirely by students who have themselves passed the competitions which still has a success rate of 80%! Enough to do something other than study to become a car broker . 

So we also hear that high school students opting for post-baccalaureate competitions are necessarily less good baccalaureate holders than those who opt for ECS prep, for example. The student communicates the students’ baccalaureate level to the different schools, I will let you see for yourself for the IESEG and for the ESSEC BBA.

Average level in the baccalaureate for those integrated into IESEG

Comparison of tuition fees between post-baccalaureate business schools and post-prep business schools

Now we are going to make a comparison between the total tuition fees between post-baccalaureate and post-prep business schools. Post-baccalaureate business schools last 5 years while post-prep business schools only last 3 years. We can therefore logically imagine that the tuition fees for an entire post-baccalaureate course will cost more than a post-prep course, this is what we will check now. To do this, we will compare the tuition fees of IESEG and EDHEC, which are at the same position in the different rankings, and therefore where the salaries at exit and the quality of training are equal.

  • IESEG displays tuition fees of 10,941 euros per year, or exactly 54,705 euros over 5 years.
  • EDHEC displays tuition fees of 14,900 euros per year, or exactly 44,700 euros over 3 years

We therefore see that the price of these two schools is approximately the same, with the difference that a post-baccalaureate business school allows you to smooth out your 5 years with work-study programs and therefore drastically reduce your tuition fees.

EDHEC tuition fees

How to choose a good business school?

In higher education, business schools have been on the rise for several years. Many high school students decide to turn to these schools after their baccalaureate. It is a post-baccalaureate orientation which is very successful, because the schools are often attractive and the career prospects are excellent . You can click here to find a business school that will perfectly meet your expectations. You will be able to find out which school to join to train in the many professions of management, marketing, distribution and even communication.

Indeed, when you join a business school, there are many doors that open to you. Everyone can find a course that will suit them perfectly. In addition, the hiring rate upon leaving these schools is among the best on the job market. Around 80% of students find employment within two months of leaving school. To be able to join a school, you often have to pass a competitive examination or present a solid academic record. The most important thing will happen during motivational interviews. Prepare them as much as possible.

Conclusion about post-baccalaureate business schools

To conclude, I will advise readers of this article not to listen to unfounded rumors about post-baccalaureate business schools. As you have noticed, the best of them are very selective and attract very good students every year who have had very good baccalaureate results! In addition, their tuition fees are comparable to those of post-preparatory schools. Having critical thinking is important in 2019!

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