Calling An Electrician: 3 Things To Consider

Frequent electricity problems? An obsolete installation? It is high time to renovate your aging or failing electrical installation in your home before it causes serious incidents. The execution of this work requires optimal safety and compliance with certain standards. This is why it is absolutely important to call on a professional. Discover in this article three things to consider when choosing an electrician, whether for an installation renovation or simple electrical repairs.

Qualifications of the specialist

Electricity is a fairly delicate area! For all related work, it is necessary to call upon a qualified and experienced professional electrician . You will therefore need to ensure that he has the required skills and that he has completed qualifying training . To get an idea of ​​his skills and the quality of his work, do not hesitate to ask him to provide you with the references of some clients who have already used his services.

To find a reliable and competent electrician, it is best to have a professional recommended by those around you. Otherwise, you can also find online reviews and references for electricians near you.

Insurance and guarantees

Before starting your renovation or electrical repair work, you must also make sure to call on a professional who has taken out certain insurance and guarantees. These allow the electrician to be held liable and protected in the event of problems or disputes. These include:

  • The ten-year guarantee which covers damage occurring after the execution of the work, for 10 years from receipt of said work;
  • Building damage insurance which guarantees the cost of repairing damage affecting the building during electrical work;
  • The two-year guarantee which covers small works carried out on the home and separable from the major work, for at least 2 years.

It is also necessary to note other, not the least negligible, guarantees such as the guarantee of the delivery time or the guarantee of perfect completion.

In addition, you must also ensure that your professional electrician guarantees compliance with the quote as well as its dating, a bilateral contract following the quote and a consumer mediator.

Compliance with standards

An electrical installation that does not comply with safety standards can cause episodic malfunctions, or even serious accidents for the occupants of the home: discharge in the body in contact, tetanization of the muscles, risk of electrocution, etc. It is therefore more than important that your electrician professional respects the standards and regulations in force during renovation or electrical repairs. In particular, the NF C 15-100 standard is essential in electricity, because it brings together the essential rules for safety and proper functioning of the installation.

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