Make your ski trip a success with the right clothing

A successful ski trip requires planning well in advance, particularly in terms of what clothes to wear. Indeed, it is important to wear the right clothes and in particular suitable pants, in order to fight against the cold and protect yourself against all bad weather.

Don’t choose your pants at random

Going skiing means confronting the cold, the snow and other bad weather. Also, it is essential that you have the right clothing in order to fully enjoy your stay. To do this, you should not choose your pants at random because they must meet certain rules to offer you real comfort and good protection. Like the Picture Organic ski pants , your pants must above all protect you from the cold but also from humidity. You will therefore always need to ensure that your pants are perfectly waterproof to prevent moisture from entering and seeping into your skin, thus dropping your body temperature. You will also need to make sure that your ski pants are made of breathable material to wick sweat away and allow you to always stay warm and dry. Another very important criterion to take into account: the size of your pants. Indeed, it must be completely adapted to your body shape to ensure good insulation, particularly against the wind. To have greater freedom of movement, it is advisable to choose a size larger than your normal size. This will also give you the option of wearing leggings underneath if it’s really cold or snowy.

Other precautions to take against the cold

Ski pants are one of the items of clothing you will need to combat the cold. But, this is not the only precaution you will have to take in order to have a pleasant skiing holiday. In fact, all parts of your body must be perfectly protected so that you do not suffer from the cold and other more serious damage. Also, you will need to wear a hat that will cover your ears but also your scalp, which are very sensitive parts. You will also need to wear a scarf or neck gaiter to prevent the wind from getting inside your clothes. You will also need to remember to protect your feet which will often be in contact with the snow. To do this, you will need to cover them with thick socks that will provide good support. Finally, you will also have to think about dressing your bust well to protect against the cold and all bad weather. To do this, you will have to follow the principle of three layers to really avoid the cold or humidity. Therefore, it will be essential to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt made of breathable material, a small light fleece-type jacket and to add a ski jacket on top which will be an excellent windbreaker.

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